Check this Best 6 Gaming Mouse in USA 2021 - Top 6 Best Mouse

Today we are going to see the top 5 gaming mice in 2021. and these are my favorite gaming mouse of 2021, so we are the ending of the year and we see a number of gaming mice in the year out of I like these 5 gaming mice, 

now first up starting off my top five is actually gonna be a runner up because again is all preference off my favorite list.

Swift Point Tracer

I bet nobody saw this coming because it's the complete opposite of today's trends but that's really why I like it, caterers, to that entire audience of people who aren't just gamers. swift point z mouse is pretty much its little brother,

Check this Best 6 Gaming Mouse in USA 2021 - Top 6 Best Mouse

But technically  it's far from little tipping the scales at just around 115 grams and obviously given the large ergo size this will not be for the baby hands out there it has knuckle buttons paddles on paddles extra inputs for deep  clicks it's literally macros on macros photo editors video editors MMO players rejoice inside is a 12000dpi BMW 3360 optical sensor,

no fancy light cable or hyper glide feet but the number of sheer inputs and customization you really have now with this makes it a great option for those who need something like this mouse,

I said before I wanted to give it the runner-up nod because of just how crazy it is all the extra customization and functionality that's really capable of this is not that even though it is for I would say a wider audience with gaming productivity you know cad 3d design all the stuff that you can really take advantage of this for like I said definitely worthy of the runner-up knot.

Orochi v2

The breed new very customizable razer Orochi v2 coming in at 60grams this little egg is certainly on the smaller side very popular though as a mobile mouse but also given the shape and size you can see it's pretty much a direct competitor with Logitech g305 another very popular mouse already out there one of the things I really like they're doing with is the top shell is now swappable you can pick from a ton of different designs,

colors they're constantly making more and giving people more options to really customize the look of their mouse I think that's really cool it snaps on with magnets and you get a new mouse Pretty much,

Check this Best 6 Gaming Mouse in USA 2021 - Top 6 Best Mouse

so the Orochi v2 does have their hyper-speed technology and for the sensor, it's their 5g 18k sensor  and they're also using their newer 2nd gen razer switch these are rated up to 60 million clicks,

so these are like I said a newer version of their previous switches underneath we do have 100ptfe feet for a nice and smooth glide and in terms of battery popping off the top shell you'll have two slots one for a double a and one for a triple a this is really cool because now you don't have to do the triple a mod you could still cut down on some weight.

The longevity is crazy you can use this over Bluetooth and get over 900 hours or with their hyper smooth technology if you just use the included dongle you get up to 450 hours really like the upgrades we have now in the v2 and it's no wonder why this is so popular already.

but I think the upgrades here make it worthy for those who really like and need a mouse like this but for me, it's just not that much my favorite size is not too comfortable for me which is why it comes out number five but I can understand due to the popularity of the size while someone out there this could very well be end game but for my number five today Orochi 

Pwnage Ultra Custom Symm

This is a symmetrical version of the erog one we showed off last year and again the big thing with these ultra-custom mice is the fact they are literally ultra-custom swappable shells lefts and right clicks tons of colors and colors combos for you to create only a mouse that's gonna match your setup aesthetic but want to match your play style as well because with the solid shell,

The honeycomb offering your mouse can range anywhere from 68 grams or up to 79 grams if you go all solid swapping shells are all tool-less it uses a little magnet to snap into place and they're now offering color matching cables if you want to use this wire for charging as well as colored skin grips to add to your mouse inside is a BMW 3335 optical sensor up to 16000 dpi.

Check this Best 6 Gaming Mouse in USA 2021 - Top 6 Best Mouse

we see Omron 50m switches inside that give a nice clicking feeling with integrated RGB around the scroll wheel and in the inner shell glows and there's a strip along the backside and there are three different modes you can this mouse with the office mode is more low powered also kills all RGB lighting rated for 66 hours of battery the gaming mode with RBG on is rated for 40 hours,

obviously, you can use this wired if you please and it recharges fully in an hour which is good to see underneath you have 100 PTFE feet including an additional set inside the box if you want that really nice slick glide without having to buy you know additional aftermarket skates that they were out and I just really enjoy using the symmetrical

I found that game with a mix of solid shelves really didn't have too much of an effect on me meaning even though I was shedding a few extra grams my gaming was consistent and adding the solid shell also didn't throw me off you can pick up the symm with a good price but you do have to pay obviously if you want the colored shells or extra grips and stuff like that 

again I reviewed the ergo version and I just really really like what the opponent is doing here I think this mouse is super underrated right now.

Finalmouse Starlight 12 

so the big selling point with these new final mouse releases and the weight and construction because the final mouse is  using this magnesium shell to cut down the weight into uncharted territories really coming in at 42 grams for their small version and 47 grams for the medium version which is the one I've been using because I think the small is just too small for me my medium version came in at 49 grams on the scale 

Check this Best 6 Gaming Mouse in USA 2021 - Top 6 Best Mouse

but still, that's light and it's crazy because when you first pick it up it feels solid in the sense that the magnesium chassis won't like give into it if you squeeze or put too much force on it the bottom is not magnesium though that definitely has some flex to it if you squeeze it

so don't do that but it's literally so light that I thought the box was empty at first it's really something once you first hold it now we all know how the final mouse is very over the top and out there sometimes on social media with their tweets just their way of doing things but man credit where credit is due because this thing is feather-light.

Really unlike any other mouse, I've tried out there again if you use the small version it's barely 40 grams think about that inside they are using their own final sensor it's called with a resolution up to 20000 cpi rated at 100 hertz pulling.

Battery life is also crazy I use this for around five weeks before I had to recharge it and I'm not gaming like 12 hours you know every single day they do say the estimate's gonna be around three weeks for the average gamer but it can stay on and idle for up to 16 weeks that insane 

now gaming with this was fun for sure it really does kind of feel like an extension of my hand at some point given its lightweight flicks were on point and we have the 100  PTFE feet on the bottom so this thing just flies on any mouse pad, if you're using a control pad combined with this weight you're gonna be dialed in like you're on Adderall I usually use a hybrid like speed mat.

I think that was just too fast for this so these starlight 12 mice came in four different variants for color options from silver, gold, black, and here red. I will say the kind of pained design it has is kind of too cheesy for my liking they're going with this whole greek god approach 

I do wish it was just one solid color something less busy at the end of the day these retailed for a good price which yes us bonkers but like always they sold out way too quickly.

Steelseries Prime Wireless 

The king of shape for me I mean it at 80grams my fingertip claw hybrid grip just instantly fell in love with this ergo design one thing I noticed here is a textured matte finish that is just oh so subtle. 

Check this Best 6 Gaming Mouse in USA 2021 - Top 6 Best Mouse

But it provides a really nice grip on the hand and I said it uses this micro-texture which allow for quick and easy cleanup of oils from your hands that could cause like you know smudges that all wipes off in a second but just the feel is really nice like it's not quite rubbered it's not quite plastic it's a really cool combo.

we do have subtle RGB with the illuminating scroll wheel inside of their brand new optical switches called prestige om and they're a magnetic optical switch designed completely from the ground up by using the tension spring mechanism inside it actuates the infrared light being registered to your PC that signal is then sent immediately allowing for a hundred million clicks so they're fast they got the longevity and the sensor inside the complement their quantum 2.0 wireless tech is their true move air optical allowing for a 100 to 18000 cpi range.

Battery life is also awesome 100 hours you can't complain you can't complain at I love it comes at just around good prices. so as I said the prime wireless I feel like hands down pun intended this is the most comfortable mouse I've ever used the shape size the size feels like it was sculpted to fit my hand, The grip preference I absolutely love it and it very well could have been number one today.

XM1R RGB Dark Frost

something recently came in and kind of stole my heart and is now stealing the show because we have the endgame gear xm1 RGB dark frost I know it's wired I wish it was wireless that would hand down be my new main going forward but this mouse love everything 

this might be a shocker to a lot of you out there considering a few things one it's not wireless two I've said a lot of times in the past that I prefer a nice ergo shape and this is symmetrical like technically it's ergo because it only has the two side buttons on the left side but you know by design the shape it is symmetrical you get what I'm saying and going right along with that is their dry grip coating.

Check this Gaming Mouse before Buying in USA 2021

So on this dark frost version, you see you know it's translucent you can sort of see through it giving the RGB a really nice but diffused glow this is gonna be also great for people who are in the custom keyboard humidity out there maybe you have a polycarbonate board this would go along with it perfectly they also have a dark reflex version.

I think it's called which is all glossy black but just the shape the coating it is all nailing it, it does tip my scales at 78 grams which obviously no complaints about there and it's actually lighter than the original xm1r RGB, I just put that one on I think was around 82 grams on my scale.

so somewhere along the way, they shed 4 grams here inside the Pixar BMW 3389 sensor. goes from 50 up to 16000 cpi adjustable in 50cpi increments, by the way, a lot of these mice are only adjustable in like 100 or so I like that extra customization and we also have Klgm 4.0 switches they are custom made by end game gear.

they're rated for 60 million clicks underneath like we've seen before PTFE feet nice and slick glides very very smooth and the paracord is given you know it's wired a very light and flexible does not cause any drag or resistance doesn't cause any interference at the end of the day which is always good what I have loved this to have wireless of course once that happens that's gonna be my number one.

but given you know it is wired at least at paracord here nice and flexible does not interfere with any of my gameplay gaming with this has just felt like new I don't know I've made the viper ultimate pretty much since release right I'm sure a lot of you know that the transition from that to this was seamless.

I just felt like I was on cloud nine I love everything about this mouse the xm1r dark frost comes at a good rate as well as the dark flex version if you want it glossy instead of matte.

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