Check this guide before buying gaming mouse for Minecraft | Best Mice for PvP and Bridging in 2021

So today we are going to see the best gaming mouse for Minecraft. Most players of Minecraft is get confused while purchasing the gaming mouse for Minecraft, so I thought to give you all a few options or a variety of gaming mice for Minecraft.

so one of the common questions that people get is what mouse should I buy for Minecraft and that answer varies a lot based off of. what clicking method do you prefer what is your budget is and what is your playstyle to play smoothly in the game.

so here I try to give some tips or guides for buying a mouse for the people who are planning to buy a gaming mouse or mice for Minecraft. I've used every mice that I'm going to be talking to,

Best Mice for PvP and Bridging in 2021

Normal & Jitter clicking 

The Best mouse for jitter clicking is the Logitech g pro wireless or the g pro wireless super light I'm grouping mice together because they're basically the same mouse the only real difference is that the pepper wireless super light is 20 grams lighter than the regular G Pro wireless. 

these mice in my eyes are the best mice for normal and jitter clicking that I have ver tired they have a really safe shape that's on that large size that pretty much accommodates any grip style that you have when it comes to holding your mouse, especially in Minecraft PVP.

where a lot of people hold their mouse in a really awkward way for example I jitter click with two fingers on my left-click and with this mouse. the mouse buttons are wide enough and they're really flat.

so it makes jitter clicking with two fingers really comfortable the clicks on them are also really nice and snappy which makes for really good clicks for spam clicking and the fact that it's wireless and has a basically flawless sensor just means that it's a really good mouse for PVP.

the only downside is that it doesn't have an adjustable debounce time so you can't do stuff like double click and drag click but it doesn't matter because we're talking about jitter clicking right now both of these mice basically perform the same. 

when it comes to PVP the weight really doesn't affect Minecraft PVP that much at all I used to think that shooter clicking on lighter mice made you shake more but after meeting the GP wireless super light for a while I've pretty much completely gotten used to the weight and I can play exactly how I played on my regular wireless.

so if you're only playing Minecraft PVP and you don't really play competitively fps based shooters then I just go with the regular g pro wireless you don't really need the 20 grams less weight but if you also play a lot of really aiming intensive games then I would consider getting the super light because the lighter way is going to help you aim better in those games but Minecraft isn't really all that aim intensive,

so I wouldn't really worry about getting a lighter mouse for Minecraft PVP if the g pro wireless is too expensive which is understandable is 100 then a really good budget alternative is the razer viper mini this is usually thirty dollars but it is was actually twenty dollars on amazon during prime days.

which is an absolutely insane deal for thirty dollars you're basically getting a mouse with the insane build quality and basically the best small mouse shape that I've tried personally the clicks it has aren't standard mechanical switches they're razer optical switches they do feel different from the clicks that you get on standard gaming mice but in my opinion, they're still really good some people hate razer optical switches. 

when I was jitter clicking on them I could personally get like as much cps as I was getting jitter clicking on g pro wireless but I think for people with smaller hands especially this is one of the best mice for a normal and jitter clicking period there are two other mics that I won't talk about that you might want to consider for jitter clicking.

The first one is the Logitech g203 sync it's the same price as the viper mini and people really really like this mouse to jitter click with as well I personally don't like the shape of it the shape feels sort of awkward to me but some people really really do like this shape the one advantage it has over the viper mini is that it uses mechanical switches.

Best Mice for PvP and Bridging in 2021

so if you really hate the feeling of optical switches then this mouse will probably feel a lot better to you and I also know a lot of really good PVP ers that mean this mouse so this is also a mouse that you should consider. 

The second alternative that I want to talk about is the glorious model oh this mouse is also pretty good for joint clicking because the clicks are super light and they're super spammy able and when I used to use this mouse I really had no problem with jitter clicking and pvping on it. 

but I do prefer the shape of the g pro wireless more and I think the g pro wireless has a better build quality than the glorious model.

Butterfly clicking 

Looking for a mouse to butterfly click you're also wanting that mouse to double click if you don't want your mouse to double click then honestly I'd just recommend the g pro wireless again but I'm going to assume that you do want your mouse to double click because if your mouse does double click while butterfly clicking then you're going to be able to get a lot more cps.

I also want to include a quick disclaimer saying that not every server allows double-clicking. so if you're thinking about getting a mouse for double-clicking then make sure that the server that you're playing on allows it first but anyways if you're buying a mouse for butterfly clicking.

you want it to double click in 2021 then I'd really only recommend buying a mouse that has an adjustable debounce time within the software and the reason for this is that if you lower your mouse's debounce time in the software it's basically going to guarantee that your mouse will double click, 

so when you butterfly click you're going to get 20 cps instead of 10 cps with that being said I think that the best mouse for butterfly clicking if you plan on double-clicking, is the glorious model  0 or pretty much any of the glorious mice glorious in my opinion pretty much have the best mice with an adjustable debounce time on them. 

I know that there are other brands like Roccat or bloody that also have mice with adjustable debounce time but glorious in my opinion has the best mice with adjustable d-bounce time all wired glorious mice so the model o the model is o minus the model. 

the model d minus is pretty much the exact same mouse that's up with a different shape so choose the mouse that you think has the best shape for you and if you want a wireless mouse then you can consider getting a glorious model o wireless however you should note that the model o wireless does have different software than the wired model o. 

It does have an adjustable d-bounce time but in the past, there's been a lot of complaints about the software not working I don't know if. they'd fix that but it's something you should probably keep in mind none less as for budget mice that can butterfly click or double click honestly my recommendation is that you get a used model o off of eBay if you want a non-glorious recommendation then you could try and find a Roccat in 100 for under 50 dollars.

That mouse is really hard to find right now and people are reselling it for up to like a hundred dollars and at that point, you just might as well buy a model o there are other mice that double-click without having an adjustable debounce time in their software for example when the Logitech g pro wireless first came out it used to have a bunch of double-clicking problems.

Best Mice for PvP and Bridging in 2021

Logitech has a new firmware update that comes pre-installed with newer batches of the g pro wireless that prevents it from doubling clicking and a lot of companies do this with their mice, so when they first release it might have double-clicking issues but then the newer units of that mouse that are being manufactured might fix those issue which is why I think it's a really big risk to buy a mouse to double-click that doesn't have an adjustable debounce time.

you don't know what copy of that mouse you're going to get and it may be a newer unit of that mouse that doesn't have that same double clicking problem that older units of it have finally if you want to master butterfly click on but don't want it to double-click then you can consider getting any of the other mice.

Drag clicking

A lot of the popular mice that people use for bridging are really hard to find in stock the two main mice that people use to drag click to god bridge that I'm going to talk about are most of the time either not in stock where people are reselling it for an insane price. 

so if I was getting a mouse to drag click and  I'm a bridge then I wouldn't really worry about which mouse to get but I'd try to get whatever that I can find that is in stock and is at a good price the two best mice for dry clicking if you are a bridge are the bloody a bedless aka the bloody a70 matte black edition and the Roccat Kain 100.

while these bikes are some of the best mice for god bridging they are also very different in a lot of ways for purely drag clicking and purely bridging the better mouse is the bloody a bedless it has a slightly rubberized feeling coating that makes drag clicking super easy and it also weighs 150grams.

which is absolutely ridiculous for a mouse but that also  means that the mouse isn't going to move around a lot while you god bridge the biggest downsides to the bloody a bedless is that while it's just absolutely terrible for everything else because of its extreme weight and the shape  of it is also just super uncomfortable and it makes it really bad for aiming, 

so for PVP it sort of sucks but for purely bridging and drag clicking it's probably one of the best mice for that moving on to the Roccat kain 100 this is also a really good mouse for god bridging I want to mention the price of the Roccat Kain 100 its retail price is 50 dollars. 

Best Mice for PvP and Bridging in 2021

however, this seems to vary a lot because when I first picked up the kain 100. the mouse isn't as good as the bloody a bedless but it's still a good enough coating where you can drag click on it pretty easily the mouse weighs 89 grams.

so it's not as heavy as the bloody a bedless but it definitely has enough weight for the mouse to not move around a lot while you god bridge in my opinion the one big advantage that the main 100 has over the bloody 8 bedless is that the king 100 is much more usable mouse in PVP in my opinion,

The Kain 100 has a much more comfortable shape than the bloody a bedless and it doesn't weigh like an absolute brick so it's a lot easier to aim with than the bloody a bedless especially in PVP bloody a bedless also has a lot more pre-travel on its clicks which makes them a lot less spam able in my opinion.

The kain 100 doesn't have that problem so overall the bloody a bedless is slightly better when it comes to purely drag clicking and bridging but the kain 100 is a much better all-rounded mouse in my opinion but like is said before it's super hard to find both of these mice in stock for their retail price so I'd honestly just find whichever you can find in stock for a good price and go with it here are amazon links do check for latest price.

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