Pwnage Ultra Custom wireless symmetrical - Customization Gaming Mouse

So today we are going to see the mouse which comes in wired as well as wireless, the mouse is Pwnage Ultra Custom Ergo which is a gaming mouse with Ergonomic. comes with a flexible cable with a unique design. so let's see the mouse details and understand why this Pwnage Ultra Custom Ergo works and experiences.

The Pwnage Ultra Custom Wireless Gaming Mouse if you are interested then you want to know more about this gaming mouse.

Pwnage Ultra Custom wireless symmetrical

Pwnage Ultra Custom Box Contents

So first we start with the box contents that we get with the Pwnage Ultra Custom, inside the box of each mouse is going to be a set of opposite-colored shells and button cover a color matching solid top shell additional dpi buttons, USB receiver, USB extender, and color matching USB-c paracord. 

Pwnage Ultra Custom Mouse Design

This is just to get you going since the stock design has the honeycomb shell to it you now have the option to switch it up go with a solid top shell or go panda design or a simple mouse design and mix and match to a black and white shell just customize it to your liking however it doesn't end.

there because on their website they also have nine other shell options to pick from across the whole spectrum to really customize your mouse and match it to a certain theme you like or your desk setup.

I think for one that's really cool because no other company out there is doing this for their own mice swapping out shells is a breeze just takes a second the top shell just pops off from the bottom then the top button cover shell pops up there as well.

The whole body uses these light magnets and plastic clips to keep the shells together and I'll tell you right now this is one of my initial concerns about this mouse in the begging was think since you can swap these shells out so easily that it would be flimsy or cheap feeling.

But it is not just because the shelves are easy to remove doesn't really compromise the feel or the build overall to the mouse. 

Pwnage Ultra Custom Mouse Buttons & lighting

But we'll touch on that more in checking it out we have six buttons in total with some subtle RGB illumination in the scroll wheel and underneath the mouse that shines slightly toward the bottom if you're using that honeycomb shell to see it and like I said that ec shape definitely becomes pretty obvious. 

when you hold it on the front embedded is a USB c port for charging or using this wired and visually it's free of any branding on the outside minus the subtle pwnage RGB logo kind of peeking through from the inside for measurements it's 120 millimeters long 66 wide at the grip hip and stands 42 millimeters tall at its highest point.

Pwnage Ultra Custom wireless symmetrical

Pwnage Ultra Custom Mouse weight 

The weight is going to be a huge selling point here as it comes in at just 69 grams with the stock honeycomb and then from there whether you want to go solid top shell it'll bump it up to 73 grams or 
74 grams on my scale or you can remove the bottom shell altogether and get it down to 65 grams.

Pwnage Ultra Custom Mouse Clicking sound 

if you like the fingertip grip the Omron switches inside are rated for 20 million clicks and they're super tactile and satisfying.

well do a sound test but just first to point this is using the stock dpi button even though they include an additional set of a taller dpi button this one's stock out of the box also using these stock button spacers.

Also inside the box come different sized height ones as well so they go pretty much underneath the top shell to help actuate and press the Omron switches this is the stock size one out the box.

Pwnage Ultra Custom Mouse Sensor 

Flipping the mouse over on the bottom we have super nice 100ptfe feet even though there are smaller pads in the corners and around the sensor. they just feel extra smooth and I don't know what it is but as for that sensor.

here, it's a BMW 3335, 216000dpi optical sensor optimized for low power consumption because speaking of which right next to the sensor. we have the sensor we have the power switch in the middle is off sliding it up is what I call office mode which has no RGB.

Battery life of  Pwnage Ultra Custom Mouse

The battery takes a bump to 65 hours turning it on the bottom setting in gaming mode with RGB lighting and tested around 40 hours now along with that in gaming mode with RGB enabled one really annoying thing this mouse does is cut off the RGB lighting. 

whenever you use or just move the mouse this is done to you know save some extra battery life but it's visually annoying and honestly, it's more distracting if anything because what's even the point than of having RGB in the mouse, to begin with, if it's just gonna cut off during use now it's not like a design flaw or a bug with the mouse itself but it's still just annoying. 

Pwnage Ultra Custom wireless symmetrical

Pros of Pwnage Ultra Custom Mouse

There is a lot of goods about the Pwnage Ultra Custom Mouse, so during the gameplay, I was smiling ear to ear because first of all that natural ergo shape just feels so good in hands.

I was immediately hitting the shots and even had someone accuse me of hacking on battlefield 5. even though it wouldn't be a battlefield game without someone filing their diaper in-game chat but also because for a  mouse with the shape at this weight, there's just really nothing else like this currently out there on the market. 

using this wireless mouse is awesome also even though it's just a 5 grams difference from my current man which is the viper ultimate that's 74 grams cutting down now to 69 grams does give it that slight extra bit of added agility you know when you're quality flicking or you know doing a quick swipe on a dime I also haven't had any issues the lager interference.

from what I've seen online the 3335 sensor is already pretty optimized for the wireless mic. like I mentioned before so just right from the start of me using this across both black and white units it's been great 95 of my gaming during testing was used without the included USB-c cable they call it paracord but it's definitely not as light and flexible as most paracords out there,

so it's fine for charging and use if needed but it's also a nice plus that it's color matching to the mouse and another plus one for it actually being USB-c and really I have to give it to him here because for everything going on for all the customizing the shell options hardware performance.

Software of Pwnage Ultra Custom 

the software is always the more underwhelming part of the review and of the overall mass experience honestly because the software is very vanilla you can switch up all your buttons do you have your standard settings and stuff for your dpi there are six different ones on board you can choose from 200 to 1600 dpi. 

Like I said each one is color-coordinated to the color of the scroll wheel dpi has changed also in increments of 100. you can do things like record macros and assign them to the buttons and for RGB lighting there are only three lighting effects from solid  a breathing effect or respiration as they call it,

their RGB you know wave equivalent is called streaming for me honestly set your dpi once and just forget the software exits.

Customization Gaming Mouse


So all in all for the price I think is a good option, where you get the colors options I am just very very impressed I know in the beginning there were some initial concerns for the first few batches of quality control stuff but for me like I said unless I'm actually forcefully with two hands forcing in on this left side there are no build issues no creaking or any point of concern on this mouse and again for being able to customize it so easily that was one of my main concerns.

I'm really happy to report that this is durable it holds up it's lightweight. it's my favorite ergo design and I am just really really impressed with what they're doing here and I wish I would check it out earlier because I probably would have been using this more frequently over the past. so it is all review of pwnage ultra-custom.

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