Top Best Steelseries Mouse in usa 2021 | Steelseries Mouse

So today we are going to see some of the mice among many other brands of steel series have tons of gaming peripherals to offer for their gamer base which includes some sleek mice as well these gaming mice range from budget options to premium ones and wired and wireless variants as well.

we are going to showcase 5 of the best steel series gaming mice that you can consider for your next upgrade 

Steelseries Rival 3 Gaming Mouse

Starting with the Steelseries Rival 3 Gaming Mouse a perfect claw grip mouse for fps games at a reasonable price the sensor in the mouse is optical, which has a maximum cpi of 8500 that would be enough for casual gaming.  

has fair responsiveness for competitive games as well it features a total of six buttons including two on the side one profile switching and one cpi switching button that is quite convenient to reach when necessary.

Top Best Steelseries Mouse in usa 2021 | Steelseries Mouse

Design-wise the mouse looks quite minimalistic as it features a straightforward design with three-zone RBG illumination at the bottom. the logo on the back has an RGB effect as well. Build wise it is made of quality polymer that enables it to last for a longer period and sustains a great deal of usage in short.

Steel series rival 3 is a low-profile mouse with admirable performance and build quality at a much affordable price.

Steelseries AEROX 3 Gaming Mouse

Aerox 3 is the next from the steel series, it is one of the flagship mice of SteelSeries which is a wireless gaming mouse with outstanding battery life and a super-lightweight design, this wireless mouse is packing their latest true move air sensor that delivers a maximum cpi of 18000.

which can be found in most of their advanced gaming mouse. the second great thing about this mouse is its honeycomb shell design that makes it weigh only about 66 grams.

Top Best Steelseries Mouse in usa 2021 | Steelseries Mouse

which adds up to its overall responsiveness, as a wireless mouse this thing is highly optimized for low power consumption and only 15 minutes of fast charging enables it to last for 40 plus hours of gaming.

Furthermore, Aerox 3 is equipped with quantum 2.0 wireless that lowers the wireless latency by a significant proportion. so that you can have a reliable stable and responsive gaming experience.

if you are considering upgrading your current wireless gaming mouse to something more feature-rich then we highly recommend the SteelSeries Aerox 3 gaming mouse.

Steelseries Sensei 310 Gaming Mouse

Next, we have one more mouse for Steelseries, the mice are SteelSeries Sensei 310 an ambidextrous gaming mouse with excellent design and great performance for gaming it features steel series true move 3 optical sensor.

which they claim to match your mess movement with the movement of the on-screen cursor regardless of the cpi setting besides that it has a maximum cpi of 12000. 

Top Best Steelseries Mouse in usa 2021 | Steelseries Mouse

which is accurate enough to play games like overwatch without having any issue as the design of the mouse looks and feels quite sleek has ambidextrous support and a total of 8 customizable buttons.

which overall will make it a satisfactory mass for gaming additionally it has a 2 zone RBG that showcase multi-color prism effects which you can even customize to sync with the rest of your RBG peripherals to create a dynamic gaming environment to cut thing short the sensei 310 is indeed an impressive mouse that will live up to your expectation for gaming visual aesthetic and performance.

Steelseries Sensei Ten Gaming Mouse 

we have the Steelseries Sensei 10 an excellent fps gaming mouse with peak customizable cpi range and a higher click latency that will fit any hand orientation perfectly.

You can imagine the mouse as a perfect blend of sensei 310 and  Aerox 3 as it has both ambidextrous design and an 18000 cpi rating that offers the best of both worlds the sensor on this device is a true move pro.

Top Best Steelseries Mouse in usa 2021 | Steelseries Mouse

which pumps up the higher cpi count apart from that it has a total of eight programmable buttons that are swift on the click and will help you to achieve an extra bit of competitive edge, while gaming, what's more, the buttons are placed on both sides.

So that your hand orientation doesn't affect the useability. it also has onboard memory to save up the personalized settings that you can later use on lan tournaments or on a different PC with all these features onboard the sensei 10 is a remarkable fps mouse that offers greater value for the price you pay.

SteelSeries Rival 650 Gaming Mouse

we have the Rival 650 an outstanding gaming mouse from SteelSeries that is far more superior in terms of design performance and ergonomics powered by true move 3 plus dual optical sensors this mouse is capable of cranking up the cpi counts to up to 12000.

for overall flexible gameplay besides it features quantum wireless technology that further enhances the accuracy responsiveness and connectivity which will give the precision of a wired mouse. but minus the wires it also supports the rapid charge.

Top Best Steelseries Mouse in usa 2021 | Steelseries Mouse

which will make it last for up to 24 hours from a single charge and 10 hours from only 15 minutes of rapid charging. the mouse already comes daily lightweight and even if that's not enough just tweak it according to your preference with its weight turning configuration and you are good to go. 

what sets this mount apart from other ones is its futuristic design that casts out a brilliant RGB effect that most gamers will admire to sum things up the rival 650 is certainly the best gaming mouse from SteelSeries to this date with advanced responsiveness mechanics and lots of customizable features that you should consider getting your hands.

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