Best TWS OPPO Enco Buds under Budget Full Detail spec & Review

Today we are going to see the new TWS Earphones from Oppo It's a budget segment TWS, The OPPO Enco Buds. the price is under 2k and the buds are really cool in audio terms. and this is one of the cheapest TWS of Oppo brand, the audio of these buds are and the Oppo Enco. and these buds are valued for money products. 

The all the TWS of Oppo Enco, or any other flagship-grade of TWS of like W11 & W51. and these buds are very similar to W11.

Best TWS OPPO Enco Buds under Budget Full Detail spec & Review

Box Contents of OPPO Enco Buds

Inbox we see a case of a pair of ears tips and some paperwork or documentation.

Design of OPPO Enco Buds

The case looks good and it a shiny too, the case is a flat base, so it won't move once you keep it on a table or any surface. when we try to open it to open with one hand it took some effort but it is possible to open it with one hand. but I feel using two hands in the opening is good rather than the opening with one hand.

the quality is good and the build quality is plastic but it feels good and premium in hands. Talking about taking buds with one hand, we won't find any problem with one hand. opening and taking buds is simple from one hand. 

the quality of the buds is also good and coming to the color variant of we won't see the color option, we find only one white color option. the build quality of buds is good and the fitting in the ears is also good but when we get to sweat we need to touch it and push it back in the ears. 

OPPO Enco Buds Features

The buds come with the quick connect features too, but if you have an Oppo Mobile then it is easier to connect and pair with buds, and no need to download any extra app for buds you can customize with your Oppo Buds where you can customize on one-touch click and one-touch play and pause. 

where on triple-tap we can get a gaming mode to where we see an 80 latency and on press and hold we can increase the volume when we hold left then volume will be less, and when we hold right the volume will be increased. 

Audio Quality of OPPO Enco Buds

These buds come with the future prof as well, they get firmware updates on the app, the touch response is really good, if you press triple tap, the game mode turns on and off. the touch controls are really good. 

Coming to the audio quality the quality of the audio is balanced, I am not saying the bass is good and the mids are good and high it's a balance combination the notes feel like balance, it feels like load and the background is not that overpowering.

the vocals and the instruments are clearly heard, we won't feel that high-end audio but we find balanced audio where all types of music are perfect and balanced. is a budget TWS and under this price is good, it's really good. 

The overall music and vocal are good and they are not that much loud but we say its a bit satisfactorily loud, if you use these buds outdoor then is good and hearable. the drivers we get in these buds are 8mm drivers.

Best TWS OPPO Enco Buds under Budget Full Detail spec & Review

OPPO Enco Buds Battery 

The battery life of these buds is we see 6 hours of battery backup and with the case, we see 24 hours of battery life. and if we use latency then the battery life is going less from 6 to 4.5 hours without the case, if we use case then it would give the battery backup of somewhere 18 to 20 hours.

Connectivity of OPPO Enco Buds 

The connectivity I like it because we see here a Bluetooth 5.2 which is the latest generation. and it comes with IP54 certified in dust and water resistance if you get more sweat or buds used in rain then it's fine. 

if you have OPPO mobile then no need for an app, if you have any other brand mobile then you can use the app melody, to get an update and customized, talking about the micro[hones if you use the buds outdoor then you won't find any problem because this bud comes with intelligent noise canceling feature. 

the buds detect noise through the microphone, it cancels the noise so the person can speak and hear properly. by using these buds I may say this came within the top 5 under 2k these buds.


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