Why OnePlus Buds Pro Has Been So Popular Till Now?

So today we are going to see the new OnePlus Buds Pro TWS Earphones. all the one plus Buds are under 5k and all they come with good audio quality or products. Now OnePlus Buds Pro is launched as flagship Buds, it's a flagship-level so the price of this is also high compared to other buds of OnePlus.

Why OnePlus Buds Pro Has Been So Popular Till Now?

OnePlus Buds Pro Unboxing

So in the box, we see the case with earbuds, some paper works, and an atypical and classic red color USB type c cable for charging the case, generally, the case is pill-shaped and wobble when you keep it down, but this was not it seems proper with a squarish design which feels different, and the size of the case also comes in a bit bigger side. and we find some pair of where is medium size is already with the earbuds we find inbox size and large Paris. 

Build Quality of OnePlus Buds Pro 

So starting with the case of the buds the weight of the case with the buds is somewhat 59G to 61G. The case quality feels good, the case on top comes with the OnePlus logo and on the bottom side, we see a sticker. the black color really feels premium in hands and looks-wise. 

Even if you want white then you can go with white which is glossy white, talking about buds the buds come with glossy and mate design it seems like they are a new trend in the TWS market regards the design of TWS. every TWS is different but when we use to open it with one hand we feel a bit of difficulty so it's better to use it with two hands. 

Sometimes we feel struggle when we try the case with a single hand it's better to open it with two hands, you can open it with a single hand too but need to struggle. and overall design and build quality of the buds are good.

The pairing of OnePlus Buds Pro 

So Talking about the pairing with comes with ANC features with quick connect features to it comes with a very good interface where we see one of the features where can see the fit in-ears, we see the perfect fit or loos.

If you have a OnePlus device we can use it faster with noise cancellation or we see a smart noise cancellation and transparency mode, nor transparency and we see an off option too. 

talking about the audio and fitting in-ears, the earbuds are not that much heavier the weight of the buds is somewhere 4.35g. and don't feel heavy in the ears. if you use it for a long period of time to you won't feel any issue with this TWS.

OnePlus Buds Pro Audio quality 

These buds literally have a very good bass in terms of audio quality, it's not like heavy type bass it feels like a proper way of bass which really enhance the audio quality good type of bass, the tuning of the OnePlus was literally perfect I really love it, 

The overall audio feels good and I really like it the mids and the vocals are clear it won't feel like the vocal is going one side bass going one side, the turning of Oneplus perfectly match all the bass, mids, and vocals which results in good audio quality. and managed well in buds.

If you listen to any type of music like pop, classical, or any bassy type you won't find issues in audio quality, you really like it. you enjoy all types of music without any compromise. 

if you studying or doing anything to focus on that work you get a mode in called Zen which helps you to work or study by focus, the Zen mode plays the sounds like water flows, air, birds. which really makes you focus on the work or study. 

Why OnePlus Buds Pro Has Been So Popular Till Now?

OnePlus Buds Pro Drivers

Coming to the Drivers of the Buds, it comes with the 11mm Drivers, but when we listen in different buds we never feel like this we see the audio quality in OnePlus is so good than other buds which comes with the 11mm drivers. I didn't expect the sound to be that good.

Battery Life of OnePlus Buds Pro 

The Buds with a single charge come with 5 hours of backup when ANC is on, if ANC is off it gives somewhere 6.5-7 hours of backup. If ANC is on and carries with the case then it runs for 23 hours, if ANC is off it gives somewhere 31 to 32 hours of backup. and even it supports wireless charging and fast charging where we charge 10min and it runs 10 hours.

talking some about the ANC like most of the buds said they have the ANC features but it won't look but in these buds the ANC features is there and even we can change them to 40dB to the lower 15dB. where we can set the notice cancellation high or low. so the noise cancellation is also good. 

Controls of OnePlus Buds Pro

These buds don't have touch/gesture controls actually they come with pinch controls it means you need to press them. to play/pause need to press one time. for the next song press two times to change the song. 

It works really well even we feel the satisfaction press, when we press it makes a sound that feels a bit satisfaction in pinch controls. and even we an IP certified. The Earbuds are IP55 and IPX4 certified for the case. the case comes with just water-resistant where the buds come with them both dust and water-resistant.

Why OnePlus Buds Pro Has Been So Popular Till Now?

Other Features of OnePlus Buds Pro

coming to the other features of earbuds it comes with a low latency of 94ms for gaming, and for connectivity, we see the latest 5.2 Bluetooth.


The earbuds at the price point of 9k-10k it's decent enough, but if the price would be 6k-7k it would be more good, but at that price of 10k they are a few more options that are quite similar to these buds. then also said that if you looking for the Premium OnePlus Tws then you definitely see this one.

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