Best 5 Tech Gadgets Under 1500rs - Top 5 Gadgets

Today we see some useful gadgets which help in our day-to-day life when we find what we get in the 1500rs we find some of the cool gadgets which are useful and some are very unique, so start with our first product.

Selfie stick 

I find this product very useful when I see and use it and I have never seen a product like that, this selfie stick with lots of additions. when we see this selfie stick does not look like a selfie stick, it's a good quality selfie stick. 

wherein the handle you see some different than a normal selfie stick, we find a speaker in the handle of this selfie stick, the speaker is good quality as well. we find two speakers in the handle and the sound is good too.

even we find the battery in the selfie stick, so it has a speaker, selfie stick, and battery torch. stick to click photos with Bluetooth. and we can play and pause music since it's a Bluetooth speaker. and we can even charge mobile-phone with this selfie stick. we use it as a power bank too. at this price we this many multiple features. 

Best 5 Tech Gadgets Under 1500rs - Top 5 Gadgets

Wireless Powerbank

It's a wireless power bank where you can charge your mobile by keeping a phone on it. and it will work the brand of the power bank is Gionee, at one time it was a smartphone brand, but it's a good brand and your phone support wireless charging then you can charge mobile just place it on it. 

if your phone doesn't support wireless charging then also you can use it by the port, there we have a USB type c port, a USB port, a micro USB port, and a power on-off button to turn on and off the power bank. 

you can see a battery percentage left in the power bank with a display on it that shows the remaining power in the wireless power bank with the display. for charging the power bank battery of 10000mah we get a USB cable to charge it.

Best 5 Tech Gadgets Under 1500rs - Top 5 Gadgets

AIO Laptop Charger

like this all product is coming in this years we won't find like this previous 5-6 years back before if have multiple laptops and the problem with the adapter, then is going to be very useful, this is basically all in one adapter, even if you have HP, Dell, Asus laptop, etc. 

all the connectors are in this, there are M3, M4, M5, M6, M7, M11, etc. connectors. which means we can charge multiple laptops with 1 adapter. we get a power cable, an adapter and some connectors. 

If you have an old laptop to get the connector to charge the laptop, there is a USB as well as an old laptop connector, they are an old Lenovo laptop connector which is also available, so it's very useful.

we see the 8 connectors with a 65w charger which is normal and it's not slow. and the price is under 1500 which is even lesser than the dell charger adapter. 

Best 5 Tech Gadgets Under 1500rs - Top 5 Gadgets


We the USB hub, if you have a MacBook then you definitely look this product under the price of 1500rs, as we know there are no ports available in MacBook, it's a good quality Aluminum build where we get 3 USB ports and an sd card port with a micro sd card port and an HDMI port. 

it's a 6 in 1 where we plug with MacBook thunderbolt port than I can connect to the all ports which we see in the USB hub, it's more helpful if you have MacBook even you can connect on windows to.

if you required good quality USB hub or want to use more ports you can this USB hub.

Best 5 Tech Gadgets Under 1500rs - Top 5 Gadgets

RGB Keyboard & Mouse

At the price of 1500rs, we can even see the combo of keyboard and mouse with RGB lighting, but we have the RGB Keyboard and Mouse under the price of 1500rs, this is a Zen- Transformer, a premium Gaming keyboard, and mouse Combo.

If you a gamer wants to think of buying a keyboard and mouse with RBG under 1500rs then definitely look at this combo, this combo looks like a mechanical keyboard but it's not a mechanical keyboard. if you look at the build quality it comes with the good build quality. 

the chassis comes with a brushed metal design also gets RGB lights. where it comes with the braided cable, the lighting, or RBG in blue, green, red, and yellow on the top. it has a clicky keyboard and the best part of it is the mouse it also gives full gaming vibes, design-wise.

The gaming mouse also we have RGB lights where the build quality of the mouse is also good and at the bottom side we see a metal plate and this combo definitely makes your setup catchy.

Best 5 Tech Gadgets Under 1500rs - Top 5 Gadgets

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