Dizo BUDS Z First Impression | 10mm Drivers, realme link & More

So today we see the brand new Buds from Dizo. The Dizo Buds Z, They are TWS Earphones when where I think about the Dizo in mind always at this point blink it's a sub-brand of Realme owns the Dizo but that is not true.

Dizo BUDS Z First Impression | 10mm Drivers, realme link & More

DIZO Buds Z Box Contents

Inbox we see a case with buds some paper works and some documentation. and we see DIZO Buds Z comes in three colors pearl, onyx, and leaf color.

DIZO Buds Z Design

The DIZO Buds Z case comes in a pill shape with a velvet finish. when we open it we see the shiny with one hand we can take the buds, where most of the other buds were sleepy. 

Weight - The Case weight is somewhat 36 to 37g. and the weight of each bud is 3.7g each. it would be good if we use it for a long period of time.

DIZO Buds Z Battery Backup

The Earbuds are nearly 4 hours on a single charge and with the case, we get 16hours+ of battery backup. wherein earbuds we see 43MAH and in case we see the 380MAH, of battery.

Ears Fit - it comes with good ears Fit and even we see the ENC 

Looks - This looks nice and premium with a Pearl finish, for the first time in buds we see a Natural Light Design Concept. it means when light falls on its surface, the light bounces off into multiple reflective layers. so it looks dazzling and gives a very attractive look to the customer.

So there are multiple color options and tones available. and this is especially used for Pianos and it's 3 times higher than the normal costing.

DIZO Buds Z Features

Drivers - DIZO Buds Z has 10mm, Dynamic drivers. where you can increase the bass through the Realme Link app's with Bass Boost+ features with this you can easily enjoy more bass and treble which you can adjust between the modes.

Latency - Especially for gamers, you get a low latency of 88ms. with that, gamers won't have a problem enjoying their favorite game. 

IPX4 - The product also has IPX4 Certification and intelligent touch controls to switch between songs.

Dizo BUDS Z First Impression | 10mm Drivers, realme link & More

DIZO Buds Z Audio

The audio has got a different sound signature. I used to see the Audio of Realme and they're always extremely bass-heavy and many people want that. this one I will say is on the lower side in terms of bass. But, the vocals, lows, highs, mids, are balanced.

The loud and of good quality and you can hear the instruments clearly but I won't say they are heavy bass TWS buds. they balanced sound signature. if the bass had been more as in Indian conditions. These have more of a western country sound signature.

The clarity is very good too, so I'm saying they're very balanced. just a little bass should've been there. But there are presets in their Realme Link app if you want more bass.

By default, the product is in Dynamic mode, which maintains a balance. if you want more bass, then you can choose the Bass Boost+ function to increase the bass in the Realme Link app.

this Realme Link app is for Realme Products as well as DIZO products? what's the connection there? since the DIZO is a part of Realme's TechLife ecosystem, we're utilizing the Realme Link app to provide the best AIoT Experience. 

so the DIZO products in terms of quality standards are so engineered that they provide the best quality. So all of DIZO AIOT products will be connected to the Realme Link app.

DIZO Buds Z Pricing

The Pricing of Dizo Buds Z Product pricing is 1999rs. it's under 2k. But at the time of the Big Billion Days sale on Flipkart, the price would be 1299rs. I recommend them to you straight away. because they look good and premium. and this design is seriously good. so will its price increase later?

I hope it's good. anyways the DIZO Buds Z at the price point. they're a good buy, for sure. 


  • DIZO Sub Brand?

In the video of one of the unboxing channels on youtube named Trakin Tech. The Ceo of Dizo Mr. Abhilash Panda clarified about the Dizo Sub Brand. that Dizo is an independent technology brand. where we can say that it's the 1st brand in Realme Techlife, wherein this Realme TechLife ecosystem there's a smartphone hub.

Many smartphone brands are going to participate in the TechLife Ecosystem. So Dizo became the 1st partner brand in the Realme Techlife Ecosystem after crossing their strict criteria of selection. 

so it's a partner brand, meaning Realme didn't give birth to DIZO, they haven't created Dizo as a brand. No, they haven't created the DIZO brand, Dizo has its own manifesto is different, the DIZO marketing strategy revolves around its own vision & mission statement.

their management team is different, the sales, operations, marketing, and all teams are different. their goals are different and they do take help and support from Realme over 3 things. Industrial Design, Supply chain, and AIOT Experience.

  • So Realme Doesn't own DIZO?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. That is a big clarification.

Dizo BUDS Z First Impression | 10mm Drivers, realme link & More

  • DIZO Service Centers

If we buy these DIZO Buds Z, and somethings happens to them, then what service center will I go to? DIZO or Realme? 

service is very important for a brand. DIZO has its own service centers. DIZO already has 320+ service centers in 310+ cities. and DIZO is working on it so that their increase the coverage. so the customer gets the best service experience. we as a brand are trying to become more customer-inclusive. 

where they want to give the customers a 360-degree experience. and not just post-sales service. and want to engage with customers even during pre-sales. In terms of product design, product naming, etc. want to involve the customers in all such factors.

Especially the fans of DIZO that they call the "DIZO SQUAD" where they told them to design watch faces, so they're already involved in the process. and especially coming to the service centers part, we take support from both Realme as well as Flipkart, & not just Realme.

They take their support in the form of learning like which service center in a particular city is providing the best service to a customer. in terms of stats, spare part management, and after studying all of this, we select the best service centers. 

So essentially DIZO is going to have different service centers, it's going to be separate and they might take some support.

  • DIZO Products offline or Flipkart Exclusive?

They aren't exclusive, Flipkart is an online channel partner. DIZO's Strategy from the beginning has been omnichannel. we're increasing their offline distribution regularly. so as they speak, the team is working towards getting to more stores as possible. 

They launched 2 Features phones that are predominantly being distributed in the offline channel. so it's expanding as well.


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