Mediatek Dimensity 810 Performance Review | Realme 8s Gaming & More

 The recent Dimensity SOCs the Dimensity 810 is the newest one. so today we see the 1st mobile phone, the Realme 8s that comes on the Dimensity 810 5G Processor. it's the first phone and we wanted to test out whether the Dimensity 810 gives good performance or not.

we have been using it for the past few days and I have already done a comparison and I was quite impressed during my usage. and after testing it and reviewing its performance. and tell how the Dimensity 810 Soc is. I'm going to tell you all in detail as we've done some real-life hard tests and on that basis, we're giving the result to you.


Mediatek Dimensity 810 Details

Firstly, I quickly tell you about its architecture. these come on big-little architecture, are octa-core with 2 main performance cores which is Cortex-A76. they are clocked at 2.4GHz and others are efficiency cores. and its architecture on 6Nm fabrication-based technology.

It's a far more battery-efficient processor. in fact, I think the Realme 8s is the only phone on 6Nm technology under 20k rs. we generally see the benchmarks during the reviews.


Mediatek Dimensity 810 Performance Review | Realme 8s Gaming & More

Mediatek Dimensity 810 Benchmarks

its AnTuTu benchmark score is 3.75L. and at Rs 18k, that kind of score is really good. But do the scores on paper transform into real life as well? as far as performance goes, I was actually surprised.


Gaming Performance of Mediatek Dimensity 810

we play 2 to 3 games with the session of about 25 to 40 minutes on medium to high settings. and I was actually surprised by the thermal performance. after playing games like PUBG, BGMI, and COD. after about 30 minutes, the temperature never went beyond 40 degrees, the maximum is 38 degrees.

so I'll say the thermal performance was very good. after doing gaming we thought of putting more stress on it and we did a 50 to 55 minutes high-stress activity. and it was just about 40 to 41 degrees, so I'll say it was just warm. so thermal performance is something that seriously surprised me.


Mediatek Dimensity 810 GPU

So coming to GPU it's got Mail-G57, which gives you a high refresh rate gaming we see Realme 8s comes with the 90Hz on the Realme 8s. The gaming experience is undoubtful, all popular games like COD Mobile, BGMI, Asphalt can be played in Medium to high settings.

Mediatek Dimensity 810 Day to day use

You're going to enjoy it. secondly, what I wanted to test was to compare the 6Nm Soc with 7 to 8Nm and check the difference. Because 6Nm means you can pack more transistors in the CPU which increases the power efficiency.

even if you are a heavy-very heavy user, the 5000MAH battery will easily last till 10 to 15% in the evening. if you started using it for 100%. so no matter the usage, the battery will last throughout the day. and that's because of the power efficiency of Dimensity 810 Soc with 6Nm.

Realme 8s Battery

The Realme 8s has a huge 5000MAH battery with 33w fast charging support. so you can charge the Realme 8S can be charge fast.

Realme 8s RAM Management 

we tested another thing, RAM Management. Generally, many times the hardware is good. but because of the not-so-good RAM management, many apps delay opening up if you repeatedly open them. 

because it doesn't keep them in the background memory, it just removes it. But not with this one. I found it surprising because we opened 10 to 12 apps along with 1 to 2 heavy games as well. and we tried to reopen them after minimizing and all 10 apps were in the RAM so they were opened immediately. so in terms of RAM management, it's very good. 

Mediatek Dimensity 810 Performance Review | Realme 8s Gaming & More

Realme 8s RAM Expansion

There's DRE support, so you can virtually extend the RAM by 5GB. The 8GB will go to 13GB. 

Connectivity - The chipset supports nearly all connectivity options like Bluetooth 5.1, dual-band WiFi, there's DS+DS means Duek 5g Sim support, so that's also good. and this Realme 8S supports 7 5G bands. 

This was a performance review and the Dimensity 810 aces this test, The Realme 8s has a triple camera setup. with 64MP+2MP+2MP. I don't know why they put 2MP+2MP but yes there's 64MP and a 16MP selfie sensor. in terms of the camera, it's ok. Performance is a big highlight. 


So if you have to buy a phone where performance and battery backup are very important. and your budget is under Rs20k, then you should definitely look at the Realme 8s based on Dimensity 810.


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