Realme 8i First Impressions | MediaTek Helio G96, 120Hz Screen & More

Today we see the Realme 8i, it's the 5th phone in the Realme 8 series. we've already posted the first impressions of the Realme 8s 5G. it's an interesting phone and if I compare it with Realme 7i, it's a big upgrade in all terms. 

Realme 8i Box Content

As Usual, there's 'Welcome To Realme Family", some documentation, and a case upfront. it's a decent quality case. There are camera cutouts where generally there's a complete square cut. But here, it has the round camera cutouts and that's interesting, it's a different case.

So there is documentation, then there's the phone. it has the exact same feel as the Realme 8s like a typical Realme Phone. The charger is big but it's just 18W charging. The 8s has a 33w charging but here there's only 18w. There's a Type C cable.

Realme 8i First Impressions | MediaTek Helio G96, 120Hz Screen & More

Design of Realme 8i

The 8s had a blue color. it's shiny, sometimes I don't like shiny, they look good but are fingerprint magnets. and the scratches can be seen, if you use it without the case. some will like it, but I'm more into understated designs like 8S had a better design. 

But this one has a shiny and glossy feel. there we see two color variants purple-colored and black color as well. if I talk about the in-hand feeling it's like the 8s in terms of the in-hand feel. it's like a typical Realme Phone. 

Build quality of Realme 8i

The case which we get in the box, case comes on top of the cameras, which is a little different and interesting.

Weight - To talk about the weight, it seems exactly like the 8s, somewhat 190 to 195g. it may be more by 1/2g. The Weight of Realme 8i is 198g. and the Realme 8s was 194g.

Realme 8i Ports & Buttons 

Coming to the ports & buttons. below there's a speaker grill, USB Type C Port, a microphone, and a 3.5mm jack. on the left, there's a volume rocker and a sim card tray above it. above, there's no noise-canceling microphone. 

And on the right, there's a power button with a fingerprint sensor. it's a side-mounted fingerprint sensor. it's very common amongst mid-range phones. all have side-mounted fingerprint sensors. the sim card tray comes with a dedicated SD  card with a triple card slot. 

Realme 8i Display

The Display is slightly bigger than the Realme 8s 5g. it's a 6.6 inches FHD+ screen. The Realme 7i had an HD+ screen, while this has a 6.6 FHS+ screen with a 120Hz fast charging rate. the 8s has a 90Hz screen and this has a faster 120Hz refresh rate, so that's good.

to talk about screen to body ratio, it's ok and average-sized. the chin and bezels are also average-sized. this also has a peak brightness of 600nits with a 90.8% screen-to-body ratio. I thought it'd be less but it's 90.8%. 

Realme 8i Specifications

Realme 8i is the 1st phone in India that comes with MediaTek Helio G96 SoC. It's an interesting SoC because if you look at the G95 predecessor, it's better in some aspects only. but CPU is exactly the same as the G95. and the GPU is a slight downgrade compared to the G95.

overall, it's a tiny difference but yes it's a slight downgrade. to talk about the upgrades, the G95 supported a 90Hz fast refresh rate, whereas this supports a 120Hz fast refresh rate. which is available on this phone and they've taken full advantage of it.

There's another thing in the G96, adaptive brightness, the brightness goes down to 1 nit. so that's good, there are 2 variants. 4GB RAM and 64GB Internal and 6GB RAM and 128GB Internal storage. and you also get 5GB of virtual RAM to add. 

Realme 8i Camera 

It's the 1st Realme phone with a 50MP primary sensor. it's a triple camera setup, 50MP+2MP+2MP. where 50MP is the main camera with f/1.8, 2MP is B/W Lens f/2.4, 2MP is a Macro Lens f/2.4. let just say it as 2MP+2MP. The depth and Macro sensors.

The 50MP primary camera sensor clicks good photos. it works really well. there's a 16MP punch-hole selfie sensor on the front. its photos are good under normal conditions. overall, the first impressions are good, there should've been an ultrawide sensor but it's not there. 

Performance of Realme 8i

so coming to the performance the G96 performance is the same as the G95, there's not much difference. its AnTuTu score is also exactly the same. The G95 scores 3.40L and this has the same. But the 3.40L score is very good. you can easily game on HD-High settings.  

we try playing BGMI on HD-high settings, there were no problems at all. we played COD on Mediu, settings. there was absolutely no problem, no jitters, and frame drops were also seen less. 

Realme 8i OS UI

It comes on Realme UI 2.0 that's based on Andriod 11 with august's security patch. and just the 8s, there are slightly more ads that were seen. there are pre-installed apps that can be uninstalled.

Realme 8i First Impressions | MediaTek Helio G96, 120Hz Screen & More

Realme 8i Battery

It has a 5000MAH battery with 18w charging. The battery is ok. I called 5000MAH as very good in the 8s. but I can't say the same here because the G96 is a 12Nm based SoC. the Dimensity 810 is 6Nm.and this is on 12Nm, so it's much less battery efficient and the 5000MAH battery would be a little less.  

But still. it's last you through the day without a problem. another thing, the G96 is a 4G SoC, It's not 5G. Unlike the Dimensity 810. so if you're going to use the phone for another 2 to 2.5 years, then think about it again, it's considerable.

Connectivity - You get dual 4g dual VOLTE, WiFi calling support, Bluetooth 5.0, and dual-band WiFi as well. the SAR value is within limits.

Sensors - You get all sensors along with a side-mounted fingerprint sensor and face unlock, that works well. 

Realme 8i Multimedia

There's a big 6.6'' IPS screen so viewing angles are ok. but overall with the big screen having a 90.8% screen-to-body ratio, you'll have fun as the video viewing experience is immersive. 

There are down-firing mono speakers and being in the Rs 13 to 13.5 price range, the multimedia experience is decent. and yes, there's Widevine L1 so you can enjoy Netflix with ease. there's Camera2api support so you can use the Gcamport. There's no notification light nor FM Radio. and SAR value within limits.


Overall, the Realme 8i in the Rs 13 to 13.5k price range is a decent offering. the G96 is based on 12Nm which is less battery efficient SoC. But if you're looking for a performance-based phone for gaming, then the G95 or the G96 on this phone is good. 

The 50MP sensor is new and the latest one clicks good photos along with the 16MP selfie sensor. But as for the downside, there's no ultrawide and they've just given the 2+2MP dept and macro sensors for the namesake. so it's not great, but again for the Rs 12-13.5k price range. 

I don't know its price. Nowadays the prices have increased. the phones that were priced at Rs 12K are today at Rs 14K. So it's possible that it might even be priced at Rs 14 to 14.5k.

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