Tech Gadgets under 1500rs - Top 4 Gadget under 1500rs

Today we see the best and affordable tech gadgets under the price point 1500rs, the all the products which are mentions are below are bring after all the research and compare all the product then we bring this list of items or products. All the products are unique which is useful for day-to-day activity.

Portronic Auto 10

If you have a car then this product is for you, this product is going to be more useful, this is all one accessory for car audio, just need to plug in this device to cigarette light holder in the car. you just need to plugin them and this small device performs many things.

This small device can do a lot of things like it comes with 2USB Type A fast charging ports, and we even see Bluetooth 5.0 which help to pick the call when we drive. and the main thing in this small device we have SD card slot where we can dd the SD card and enjoy the music which we have in the SD card.

This small product can help you to pick calls with Bluetooth support and the price of this device is under 100rs its so useful if you have a car or definitely check this product too.

Tech Gadgets under 1500rs - Top 4 Gadget under 1500rs

Eufy Genie BT Speaker

This Bluetooth speaker is very useful as a virtual assistant has become very beneficial nowadays. like google assistant, Siri, or Alexa and where you ask and the assistant replay all the questions answers, but this speaker is budget one smart speaker. 

which is a virtual assistant, coming to the looks of the speaker looks small and cute, which is come under the budget of 1500rs and we can even see the ring light which we see in echo dot. 

we find the touched button and coming to the speaker we get a 2w speaker with decent quality and we see the micro USB & 3.5mm jack. the looks and the build quality of the speaker are good which actually enhances the look when we put it on the table or near setup.

If you don't have a budget to buy the Google and Amazon speaker then you definitely check this out here you see the same kind of functions and features which we get in the Google or Amazon Smart speaker, if we see the Google and Amazon Speaker they come inexpensive side.

wherein this Eufy speaker comes under the 1500rs of price point where we get Alexa in this speaker. like we see in Echo Dot, the Eufy speaker is value for money. coming to the box contents we see an adapter and a 3.5mm Aux cable.

Tech Gadgets under 1500rs - Top 4 Gadget under 1500rs

Zinq Cooling Pad

If you have a laptop and want to make your laptop temperature low then this product is for you this is a cooling pad for the laptop which helps the laptop to sustain the temperatures of the laptop.

This laptop cooling pad comes with fans with a stand and lighting which going to help the laptop to cool and make your setup look good, for tilt we get a stands where we have two options big and small for tilt and inbox we see plate which help to stopper the laptop and even we see the cable.

The Cable was connected to the laptop and the cooling pad where we the lighting of red color and we can even speed the fans and slow the fans. and in the cooling pad, we see the two USB ports.

Tech Gadgets under 1500rs - Top 4 Gadget under 1500rs

Wireless Display Adapter AnyCast

This is a small brother of Chromecast, the adapter is cheaper than the Chromecast. the price of this is also 1500rs around I give all the product list in the last of the post then do check it for the latest price of the product. 

The adapter makes your tv to smart tv where we just need to connect it with the HDMI port of tv, if your tv won't have any HDMI port then this product is not for you if your tv has then plug this any anycast to HDMI port.

after doing this we can connect our mobile or cast our mobile on tv with the help of Anycast, but you don't watch the content which is protected from DRM, and left of thinks you can do like cast your mobile and use image or any other content. 

Only DRM content will won't we work with this anycast device. we get a USB which we can connect with the tv USB port then it takes a power source from the tv to work. cast under the price of 1500rs and the range of this is 10m. if you are away from 10m then also it is we can connect and cast on tv.

Tech Gadgets under 1500rs - Top 4 Gadget under 1500rs

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Eufy Genie BT Speaker - click here for the latest price 

Wireless Display Adapter AnyCast - click here for the latest price 

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