VIRTUAL RAM ANDROID | Virtual Ram Windows 10 Brief explanation with examples

Nowadays we are earning a name called Virtual Ram especially in new smartphone launch events, so what is virtual Ram? and how does it work. let's see how the virtual Ram works in android as well windows. so virtual Ram could be the future?

Virtual Ram is available on all recent phones. it comes with different brands. like in Vivo it's extended RAM, in Realme it's a DRE and in Samsung, it's a RAM+. you can extend the RAM by 2GB, 4GB, 5GB, and 7GB. Yes, Realme's latest GT Neo 2 has a 7GB RAM extension.

So we tell you about Virtual RAM. it's Basically Virtual RAM but what Exactly is it? 

VIRTUAL RAM ANDROID | Virtual Ram Windows 10 Brief explanation with examples

What is Virtual RAM?

What everyone said and you guys already know that it uses a part of storage like RAM. BUT, I'll give you an example and tell you in simple language. You have 8 apps running in the memory of a 6GB RAM phone and you're getting 2GB of extra Virtual RAM. 

Later this 2GB Virtual RAM is created in your storage and ROM through your phone's software, which is kind of a partition, where you can put your running apps in it. 

Many times people think that when 6GB RAM has been filled and if they open a new app then its RAM requirement will be shifted to virtual RAM. 

Which Apps are Shifted to Virtual RAM?

No, it doesn't happen that way. The already running apps in the RAM will be decided by Andriod OS, on which apps are to be shifted through software. in simple, your Facebook and Youtube that are continuously refreshed won't be shifted to virtual RAM. 

But your Calculator app, if it's running in the background or such static apps that don't get refreshed continuously, they'll be shifted to virtual RAM, and due to that, the actual RAM's place will be replaced by a new app.

So that is the real basic concept. Have you all understood now, very well?  

Disadvantages of Virtual RAM?

But there are many advantages and disadvantages to it. Like I said, the biggest disadvantage is the normal apps that you use. like Facebook that continuously refreshes or Youtube that gets refreshed these will never move to virtual RAM. 

There are some specific apps that can go that are static. So not all apps will be helped by virtual RAM. there's another disadvantage if you're using a 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB Phone and your storage gets over then virtual RAM is of no use.

Since your storage is being exhausted, how can the virtual RAM be taken from there? So that's 1 of the things to notice as its disadvantage. 

What is the Virtual RAM Concept?

There are other things, firstly, this isn't a new concept. it's an old concept and it happens in PCs that are now coming to smartphones. 

Secondly, it's software-based, meaning you can get virtual RAM through updates as well. so if you don't have it on your phone. 

What is Virtual RAM Requirement?

You'll get that feature via software update. and another interesting thing, the virtual RAMs are available on 6GB, 8GB, and 12GB RAM phones. the actual requirement should be in 3GB, 4GB RAM phones because their RAM is exhausted quickly. 

So what would be the Read and write speed?

The biggest disadvantage, which is why many people call it gimmicky, is that RAM's read and write speed cannot be compared with storage. like for a RAM the read and write speeds are up to 4GB ps and if I talk about UFS2.1 Storage type's read and write speeds, they're up to 2GB ps. 

Even if your storage is the latest, it'll give half the speed compared to RAM. so that thing can never be matched. But there are many mid-range phones with UFS 2.1 and eMMC storage that come with virtual RAM, and their speeds are less than 1GBps. 

it's sometimes 500 to 600 Mbps and the RAM speeds are more than 4GBps, 

VIRTUAL RAM ANDROID | Virtual Ram Windows 10 Brief explanation with examples

It's Virtual Ram is Useful?

is there any use? I mean storage speeds can never match RAM  Speeds so it's not going to be equivalent. yes, there's a marginal benefit of virtual RAM but not more than that. 

so just in one line, if you've bought a 12GB RAM phone and an 8GB RAM phone with 4GB virtual RAM, it'll never match. The speed you get in the 12GB in app opening and write, read speeds that were never matched by the 8GB+4GB smartphone. 

I saw many people or people saying I'm getting 7GB virtual RAM with the 8GB, so I'm getting a total of 15GB. No, it doesn't benefit you that much, that's what RAM is. Yes, there are marginal benefits but nothing more than that. 

Here is the list of smartphones that comes with the Virtual RAM.

  • OPPO F19 
  • OPPO F19 PRO
  • OPPO F19 PRO+
  • OPPO A74 5G
  • OPPOA53S  5G
  • IQOO Z3 5G
  • VIVO X60 PRO+
  • VIVO X60 PRO
  • VIVO X60 
  • VIVO  V21 5G
  • REALME  8 5G

Virtual RAM for Windows 10

For windows, we find the virtual RAM and many of the youtube channels already cover where some show how to play GTA 5 in 4GB RAM build where most of the videos are related to the virtual RAM.

Here are the steps to follow for the virtual RAM

  • First, click on Start Menu and click on settings.
  • Search performance. 
  • then choose to adjust the appearance & performance of windows
  • in the new window, click on the advanced tab, and under the Virtual Memory section, click on change.
  • at the bottom of the window, check the recommended value and how it compares to the currently allocated.
  • if the present setting is significantly less than the recommended, un-tick the automatically manage paging file size for all drives box at the top of the same windows and then select on a custom size. 
  • Enter the recommended value in the box, and a larger figure in the other box.
  • Click ok to save the new settings.


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