Moto G31 Cheapest AMOLED Smartphone | moto g31 Review & specifications

The Moto G31 is an interesting phone. its price is Rs. 12,999 and it has an AMOLED screen, which is full HD+. an AMOLED screen with FHD+ for Rs 12,999. Remember, Redmi Note 10 was the one that launched before with such a price and this is the same.

Bit now the Redmi Note 10's price is around Rs 14k or more as Xiaomi increased it. but this moto G31 is the cheapest AMOLED smartphone at Rs 12,999. 

Moto G31 Cheapest AMOLED Smartphone

Moto G31 Box contents

inbox we a first a device with the label of "Brilliant 16.26cn OLED Display". it comes with a case and there's a 20w charger and I like this. that's why I said it's interesting. 

Because it's launched globally with a 10w charging. while in India, it comes with a 20w charger. and in the box, we also see a USB to USB type C cable. 

Moto G31 in Hand Feel 

There's a unique texture on the back. there's a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor that has a Motorola logo on it. a side-mounted fingerprint would've been good but it's ok as this phone feels light and compact in hand. 

this phone isn't very big. it has a very nice and good in-hand feel and it must be around 175 to 180g in weight. This is 180.6g, so there's a 2 to 3g difference. but yes, I'd say it's on the lighter side. the one-hand operation will be much easier on this.

Moto G31 Display

I really want to see and check its AMOLED display's quality. it's impressive, seriously, the blacks, and scree it's really impressive, to be honest. the blacks are clear blacks and the brightness is very good too. 

it has a 700 Nits peak brightness which is very good along with its PPI (Pixel per inch) is also high at 409ppi. if you look at the bezels, the upper, side bezels, and chin are average-sized. 

There's 1 more good thing, the center punch hole has a small size. I'll seriously it full marks looking at the Rs 12,999 price point. 

Multimedia - it's very good, the audio quality is loud, and has an above-average quality. so multimedia viewing is going to be fun especially with that AMOLED screen. 

Moto G31 Performace 

coming to the Performance of moto G31 comes with an Helio G85 SoC, I know it's old, tried, and tested but it's a capable SoC. But this chipset's AnTuTu scores are between 2.10 to 2.20L, which is respectable as it shows on paper,

because when we were playing games, we played BGMI on HD High settings and there were no frame drops. it has smooth gameplay. so it was fun to play on a good display with good audio with no frame rate drops. 

the storage type here is eMCP and the RAM type is LPDDR4X. 

moto g31 Review

Moto G31 Battery 

To supplement that, its battery is 5000mAh with a 20w charger so that's good. if it were 10w, then I thought it would've been very slow, so 20w is good and the 5000mAh will easily last you for 1.5 to 2 days. 

Because the display is 6.4" and it's not as big as 6.7 to 6.8". its size is ideal so the battery is very good too. there are 2 variants 4GB + 64GB (12,999) and 6GB + 128GB  (Rs 14,999). 

Moto G31 OS UI

I like Motorola in terms of UI. Because it has stock Andriod in it plus you get many customization options through MYUX. You can change icons, transition animations, etc, even the icon shapes and colors can be changed. 

So you get the best of both worlds. and the battery runs for so long because of stock Android. this phone comes with Android 11 out of the box and it's going to get the Andriod 12 and 13 update soon. 

Moto G31 Camera

The camera setup is very good. Motorola Says it's quad Function but it's a triple camera setup. it has a 50MP primary camera with f/1.8, an 8MP ultrawide sensor with f/2.2, and a 2MP macro sensor with f/2.4.

The 8MP (Ultrawide) is not available on phones around Rs 10 to 13k, I don't know why. i like the ultrawide sensor on this phone as it doubles up as a depth sensor and there's no need for the extra 2MP depth sensor. 

on the front, you get a 13MP center punch hole selfie sensor with f/2.2. The 50MP sensor clicks good rear photos but I was more impressed with the same camera. it's very good for a 13MP sensor and shows good skin tones. 

Camera features - There's a dual-camera mode, where you can simultaneously use the primary, ultrawide sensor along with a selfie sensor. 

There's a cinemagraph feature, where you can move an object on the photo screen. it's an interesting combination of moving images. There's also spot color, other portrait modes, etc. overall, the camera setup is good. 

Moto G31 Ports & Buttons

Generally, the Rs12 to 13k phones don't have a noise-canceling microphone. There's 1 microphone included on this phone and there's a 3.5mm jack above. 

on the right, there's a power on/ off button, a volume rocker above it, and a dedicated assistant button on the top. there's a USB Type C speaker grill and microphone. on the left, the sim card slot is a hybrid slot. so you can use 2 sims or 1 SD card and a Sim card.

Moto G31 Features & Connectivity

This is a Rs 13k phone and it has some flagship-level features like the Thikshield security. it's kind of an extra layer of security just to keep your data safe. 

Connectivity - It comes with Dual Band WiFi, there's 2*2 MIMO ( network connectivity will be better and stable). there's Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and it's a 4g chipset. it has Dual 4G VOLTE and WiFi calling support so no problems there. 

moto g31 specifications

Moto G31 Sensors 

All sensors are present on this phone including a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor and face unlock that work well. 

Moto G31 Other Features

There's widevine L1 support along with Camera2Api Support. And there's a Notification Light. after a long time I've seen a notification light. There's also FM Radio and it has a water-repellant design as it has an IPX2 Certification. 

Conclusion moto G31

So what do I think about this phone? 3 to 4 things really stand out. its price is Rs12,999. it has an OLED FHD+ Display. the camera is good at this price. and like all Motorola phones, its OS is stock Android Plus Customizations which is good.

The battery is big along with a 20W charging, unlike the internationally launched 10W charger. The thing I didn't like is eMCP. A UFS storage would've been better. and there's no 5G chipset as well. But then the price would raise too. 

So overall, according to the price, The moto G31 is good.


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