Motorola Edge 20 Pro review & Full Specification, 144Hz & More

The Motorola Edge 20 and Edge 20 Fusion are very good offerings in their price range. and the Motorola Edge 20 Pro, the eldest sibling, promises to be the same. a full specification in detail everything about the Motorola Edge 20 Pro.

Motorola Edge 20 Pro review & Full Specification, 144Hz & More

Motorola Edge 20 Pro Box Content 

In the box we see right up front, there's a Motorola logo and the case is already on the phone. There's a 30W fast charger, a USB Type C cable, and a sim card tool. 

Motorola Edge 20 Pro In Hand Feel

I didn't get it when the case was on, but this phone is slim and light, I didn't expect it. that it'd be so slim and light, it's beautiful in-hand feel. how much battery is in here? ok, it has a 4500MAH battery, and still, wow. 

Motorola Edge 20 Pro Build Quality

Talking about the build quality of Motorola Edge 20 pro, there's glass on the back and it's Gorilla Glass 5. This is actually a metal-glass sandwiched design. The frame is metal. and it feels so light in the hand. and it looks premium if you look at it. it's an understated design like all Motorola phones but I like it.

Generally, these flagship or budget flagships are around 200g, but this is like it,s around 180g I think. or the weight distribution is so good that despite being heavy it feels light in hand. 

Weight - The weight of the Motorola Edge 20 Pro is 186g. it doesn't feel like 186g, so it's very light and slim, very good to hold along with a good in-hand feel. 

Motorola Edge 20 Pro Port & Buttons

Coming to the ports and buttons, below there's a speaker grill, a microphone, a USB Type C port, and a sim card tray. On the left, there's an extra button for a Virtual Assistant. 

Above, there's a noise-canceling microphone. on the right, there's a small volume rocker and a power on and off button below that doubles up as a side-mounted fingerprint scanner. 

The positioning of the power button is a little above and should've been down but the buttons are quite clicky. The sim card tray and it's a dual nano sim card slot. There's a camera Bump so it'll be bumpy on the backside if you don't put on the case. 

Motorola Edge 20 Pro Display

The display, the chin below is really very small. the side and upper bezels are thin but the chin is small too. So it's a big and huge 6.7" FHD+ display with a 144Hz fast refresh rate. it has a 91% screen-to-body ratio.  

HDR10+support, meaning you can watch a billion colors and it shows colors very vibrant and the blacks look black too. It's an absolutely beautiful super AMOLED display. I seriously like the display on this one. 

It has a 576Hz touch sampling rate and you can definitely feel that. The display stands up to the Pro Name.  

Motorola Edge 20 Pro OS UI 

That's a big plus point of Motorola phones if you look at Edge 20 and Edge 20 Fusion. The experience you get is stock Android. this is MYUX but it's completely stock Andriod, you won't see any notifications and bloatware. 

There might be 1 or 2 by Google Apps and there's nothing else on here, There's Andriod 11 with a recent security patch. so in terms of OS, I think Motorola is right up there. 

OS Features - Having stock Andriod there are a lot of features that are very useful and they save you time. eg. Double tapping on the power button will open shortcuts to apps that you can keep as most frequently used. 

There's also a shake to turn on the LED flash Shortcuts etc. which are all useful and are present here. 

There's ThinkShield for security, which is good as it's a combination of software and hardware for extra security. There are other good things, which weren't present in the Edge 20 and Edge 20 Fusion. 

It's the ReadyFor Feature which was wired in those phones, but wireless in this one. You can directly cast your phone's small screen to a TV  and monitor. and you can mimic your smartphone screen. 

You can use the Phone's camera for video calling and video Conference on the TV screen. You can even start the game on your phone and watch it on the big screen while playing. it's wireless. and its works quite well.

Many people will like this wireless ReadyFor feature. and I just mentioned 1 to 2  use cases, but there can be more too. 

Motorola Edge 20 Pro Specification

This comes on Qualcomm SD870 5G SoC, which I'll say is a flagship processor even with SD888 out. The SD870 is nearly at the same level. this has 8GB RAM and 128GB storage with LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.1 storage. 

So that combination of LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.1 is excellent when clubbed with SD870 SoC. There's a RAM boost Mode, But It's only 2GB. 

Battery - It's a light phone, but it's packed with a 4500 MAH Battery which is really good with 30W fast charging. Even in heavy usage, it'll easily last you through the day. 

Motorola Edge 20 Pro review & Full Specification, 144Hz & More

Motorola Edge 20 Pro Performance

The SD870 with UFS 3.1 and LPDDR5 RAM gives you a score of more than 7L. The AnTuTu score is above 7Lakh. and the gaming performance is good and can be played on the highest settings. 

And remember, it's a 144Hz fast refresh rate with a 576Hz touch sampling rate. so the gaming experience is on the next level. 

Motorola Edge 20 Pro Multimedia

In multimedia, there should be a Stereo speaker that would've been great on this phone, but you just get mono speakers. But that display is absolutely beautiful, the viewing angles are very good. 

Even the multimedia experience is very good as the audio quality is good but stereo speakers would've made it better. The display and performance are pros, but what about the camera? these are the 3 main pillars of a smartphone. 

Motorola Edge 20 Pro Camera

The Motorola Edge 20 Pro comes with 108Mp+16Mp+5Mp. At least on paper, you get a 108Mp Primary Sensor with F/3.4, 16Mp Ultrawide sensor that also works as a macro sensor with f/2.2. and there's also a periscope lens or Telephoto that's 8MP, it gives a 5X optical zoom with f/3.4.

the Hybrid zoom can help you click photos or shoot videos with 50x zoom. so that's really nice. it's very functional and there's no 2Mp camera here. 

Coming to the front camera, there's a 32Mp selfie sensor with f/2.25 so in terms of camera, the specification on paper is absolutely great. The photos under normal conditions, they're very nice. 

Camera Features - You can shoot 8k at 24FPS and 4K at 60FPS so that's also a big thumbs up. There's slow-motion available at 960FPS and 240FPS if you want. an important thing, there's a mic at the back as well. so if you want to shoot videos, you have a mic. 

and due to this Zoom, if you want to capture audio from far away, you can increase that audio capture as well, with audio zoom. and there are all other features, dual video on the front and back to use both lenses, spot colors, night mode, etc. are available. 

Motorola Edge 20 Pro Connectivity

It's Pro here too, it has DS+DS 5G on both sim cards, 11 5G bands support, WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.1, Dual 4G VOLTE, WiFi Calling, etc is there. another thing, there's USB Type C 3.1, Whereas you get USB 2.1on some flagships. 

So if you want to mirror the screen, as an extra monitor, you can do that too. 

Motorola Edge 20 Pro review & Full Specification, 144Hz & More

Motorola Edge 20 Pro Sensors

You get all the sensors, but the side-mounted fingerprint sensor should've been on display, that would've been great. and NFC.

Extra Features - You get Widevine L1 Support and camera2Api support to use GCam.there's no FM Radio, no notification light, and no 3.5mm jack as well. They should've at least given a 3.5mm jack adapter in the box, but it's not there. There's 1 good thing, it comes with IP52 Certification.

Motorola Edge 20 Pro Conclusion 

So there are 3 big highlights of this phone, remember, it's going to come around Rs 36 to 37k which might get below Rs 35K with offers. but for that price, you're getting a great camera setup. it's functional and good. 

The performance and display are top-notch. these 3 main things are very important and it makes the phone right up there. The Motorola Edge 20 Pro in its price range is definitely going to give tough competition to others. 

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