iQOO Z5 5G comes with Snapdragon 778G, 120Hz Screen & More

iQOO Z5 is here, it's been only 3 months since iQOO Z3's launch and this is its successor. The number 4 is considered inauspicious so it's directly the Z5 that's launched. at the pricing of 23,999Rs we see a 8GB + 128GB variant and 12GB + 256GB variant is available at Rs 26,999.

At that price, you get a whole lot. in fact, if you buy it with deals, it'll decrease by 2 to 3k. At that price, you're getting a budget flagship. 

iQOO Z5 5G comes with Snapdragon 778G, 120Hz Screen & More

iQOO Z5 5G Box Content

The iQOO Z5 5G comes in a yellow and black combination with iQOO printed on the top box. right upfront, you get a good quality case, and it's thick too. There's documentation and the phone. There's a USB Type C Cable, and a sim card tool, this is the big and huge 44W fast charger. 

iQOO Z5 5G Design 

It's again an understated design and it looks premium because it's got a matte finish with a little texture. it's Blurish below and dark above. I'd say it's a gradient design with a squarish camera. it looks on the premium side. and there's an iQOO logo below.

iQOO Z5 5G in Hand Feel 

Coming to the in-hand feeling it's not big nor small, not heavy nor light, so I'd say it's in the sweet spot. 

Build Quality - It feels like 185 to 190g, but the actual weight of the device is 195 to 196g. it's slightly higher than what I expected and it means that its weight distribution is good as it doesn't feel too heavy in the hand. 

After putting on the case. ut gets even bigger but the case fits very nicely and it looks good as well, look at it. the material used behind in a 3D plastic, I forgot to tell you before. 

Colors - The color options we see in iQOO Z5 5G is we see Mystic space and there are other colors that a lot of people will like. and prefer pinkish and reddish at certain angles and sky blue and light blue at the center, and its name is Arctic Dawn. and the Cyber Grid. 

iQOO Z5 5G Ports & Buttons 

Talking about the ports and buttons of iQOO Z5 5G, below, there's a speaker grill, a USB Type C port, a microphone, and a sim card tray. on the left-hand side, you don't get anything. 

Above, there's a 3.5mm jack and a noise-canceling microphone. on the right-hand side, you have a volume rocker above and a power on and off button that's also a fingerprint sensor. 

It's very common nowadays in this Rs 15k to 30k price range to see all phones with a side-mounted fingerprint sensor. which I think is not bad. The sim card tray. it's a dual nano sim card slot and no expansion slot. 

iQOO Z5 5G Display 

The display looks very close to an AMOLED display but it's an AMOLED panel. it's an IPS display but a good quality IPS display, I noticed its colors and they look good. it's a big 6.67"display and the bezels are slim. that's why you get a 91.3% screen-to-body ratio. 

We see HDR10 support and a 120Hz fast refresh rate as well. and you can feel that. that's why I said, it's a nice IPS Display. and the 120Hz fast refresh rate is felt in the hand. it has a 240Hz touch sampling rate and Panda Glass Protection. 

iQOO Z5 5G comes with Snapdragon 778G, 120Hz Screen & More

iQOO Z5 5G Specification 

The specification of iQOO Z5 5G tells you about it and what I feel about the specs as well. it comes on Qualcomm SD778 5G SoC, and it's very popular in the Rs 20 to 25k price range. it's probably the best processor that's new and is 5G. 

It has an LPDDR5 RAM type, which is generally seen in flagship phones and not in mid-range phones. it also has UFS 3.1, so club SD 778 with UFS 3.1 and LPDDR5 RAM. you get an AnTuTu score of 5.7 to 5.8 lakhs

That's Humongous, last year's flagship phone had a lower score than this. so on paper, it's absolutely excellent. in fact, we tested other phones on SD778 and their scores were around 5.5 lakhs. 

Variants - it comes in two variants 8GB RAM + 128GB Internal Storage and 12GB RAM + 256GB Internal Storage. 

iQOO Z5 5G Battery

The battery of iQOO Z5 5G, it has a 5000MAH battery and the SD 778 SoC is based on 6Nm Technology fabrication. so it's a power-efficient processor and 5000MAH is more than enough. 

Under moderate usage, it'll last up to 1 and half days. and under heavy usage, it'll last a day easily. you also have 44W fast charging as well so I think the specifications are very good. 

You also get Virtual RAM (Extended RAM), so you can increase it by 4GB 8GB will go up to 12GB. There's an exciting thing, in comparison with the Z3's 55W charging, this has a 44W Charging. 

But it goes 0 to 50% in 23 minutes and takes an hour to fully recharge your battery. 

iQOO Z5 5G Multimedia 

Overall, the multimedia experience on the big screen is good, you don't see AMOLED level black and colors but having a good IPS LCD screen, the multimedia experience is excellent. 

iQOO Z5 5G Camera 

There's a triple camera setup, with the latest 64MP Samsung GW3 sensor with f/1.79. There's an 8MP ultrawide with f/2.2. and 2MP macro sensor with f/2.4, I won't talk about it much. 

But the primary and ultrawide sensors under normal lighting conditions click very good photos. The colors and skin tones are captured very well. 

on the front, there's a 16MP Camera with F/2.45. that clicks good photos, and the skin tones are good. 

Camera Feature - There's an interesting camera feature, you get a dual mode where the front and rear cameras both work at the same time. 

iQOO Z5 5G  Performance 

The gaming performance is flawless, we played BGMI on HDR-Ultra. and we didn't find any frame drops in the middle, the gameplay was very smooth. it has a 120Hz fast refresh rate and 240Hz touch sampling rate, so the gaming experience was good. 

It comes with stereo speakers, so if you play on speakers, you'll have fun. 

Features - It has a 4D Gaming Vibration mode, so if you're shooting bullets, you can feel that haptic feedback, it's fun. it's seriously very good. There's an E-sports mode to turn off all notifications while playing for no disturbance at all. 

and there's a monster mode if you want a top-level performance on all throttles. the phone will be a monster. we played games continuously for half an hour on high settings, and the thermal performance was quite good. 

Also get Liquid cooling in the phone, so that really helps, it doesn't get much warmer. in fact, it doesn't get too warm at all. 

iQOO Z5 5G comes with Snapdragon 778G, 120Hz Screen & More


It feels more like eye candy, I think it's the combination of FunTouchOS and OriginOS in China. 

The widgets look very good when you create them. so I'd say it's an eye-candy OS. At the same time, you get pre-installed apps on it so overall, it's a decent OS. it's based on Andriod 11. 

iQOO Z5 5G Sensors 

There's a side-mounted fingerprint sensor, face unlocks, and all other sensors available that work well. 

iQOO Z5 5G Connectivity 

It has 5G with 2-band support, unfortunately, there's dual 4G VOLTE WiFi calling, WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, and no NFC. overall, the bands should've been more. 

Other Features - There's Google Camera support and Widevine L1 support, there's no IP certification, no FM radio, and no notification light. 


Does iQoo Z5 have an AMOLED Display?

The display looks very close to an AMOLED display but it's an AMOLED panel.

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