Moto G71 5G comes with Snapdragon 675, 50Mp Camera & More

when you ask me about surprise in 2021 I said the name of Motorola and in a positive way, they really launched good smartphones that to specially made for India or Indians. I think they going to carry the same in the year 2022 as well.

when you ask about the Moto G71 5g in one line, the Moto G31 has a very good AMOLED display mobile and Moto G51 where the processor and performance vice, this the combination and ahead front. 

Moto G71 5G comes with Snapdragon 675, 50Mp Camera & More

Moto G71 5G Design

The Moto G71 5g comes on the premium, the looks of the backside moto G71 5g is good but one thing the fingerprint sensor on in the moto logo which looks slightly rated, but still I said it on the premium side. 

Colors Variants - it comes in three colors iron black, artic Blue & Neptune Green, personally, I like the Blue one.

In-Hand Feeling - the in-hand feeling is really good it feels lite even it has a 5000MAH battery but the weight distribution is also good, although it fits nicely in the hand and feels premium. 

Weight - Talking about the weight of Moto G71 5g the weight is 180.8, which comes on the lighter side only.

Moto G71 5G Ports & Button

The ports and buttons of Moto G71 5G in the below we see a 3.5mm headphone jack, microphone, speaker grills, and USB Type C port, on the right, there's an extra button for virtual assistance,  volume rocker, and power on and off button

Above, there's a noise-canceling microphone. on the left, they are a Sim card tray. and the fingerprint on the backside in the logo of the moto. coming to the sim tray it won't come with expanded storage, it comes in a dual nano sim slot.

Moto G71 5G Display 

The Moto G71 5g comes with the 6.4" FHD+ which is an AMOLED display. and it comes with an 83.0 screen-to-body ratio. it won't have a fast refresh rate but this is a good AMOLED display where its brightness is 700nits.

talking about the bezels it has very lite bezels and the chin is average and the center punch hole camera size is also average. 

Moto G71 5G Battery

Coming to Battery it comes with a 5000MAH battery with 33w fast charging, whereas G31 and G51 come with 20w fast charging, and the 5000MAH battery with 6nm processor easily go to 1.5 to 2 days.

even in heavy use, you can get the battery for the whole day. so they are no problem with the battery.

Moto G71 5G Specification 

The Moto G71 5g comes with the Qualcomm SD695 which is a 5G processor and the Moto G95 is the first device that comes with the SD 695 processor, you going to think its a 6th series processor but when you look at the performance vice it's a better than Qualcomm 750 and 760 and much better than that.

The processor is based on 6Nm fabrication technology, so it is a power-efficient processor. in fact, it is similar to dimensity 900, far better than 810. more similar to the 900 and it is a 5G Processor. one of the good things I like is it support 13 5G bands, globally all the bands are using it to support all so it's a good one. 

the storage type is uMCP which means UFS 2.1 bit more and less the UFS 2.2 to less, with LPDDR4X and comes in only one variant 6GB + 128GB.

Talking about the AnTuTu Score it has 3.70 Lakhs of a score which I think is very respectable and the pricing of this moto g71 5g is Rs. 18,999. according to that, the score is good and you also feel it while playing games.

If you play games like COD, BGMI, and PUBG New State you can play all this in ultra and high settings without any lack or frame drops.  

Moto G71 5G comes with Snapdragon 675, 50Mp Camera & More

Moto G71 5G OS

Moto G71 5g comes with the stock Android and is customized through MYUX where you can change the icon and font colors and font size, and you also get a think shield that is good which gives an extra layer of security.

they are crystal AI features that basically enable you to hear clear voices on calls or enhance the voice quality. talking about the calling it also comes with call aggression support and we also find the 4*4 memo feature.

it also has the virtual ram where you can increase the ram to 1.5GB like here we get the 6GB RAM so we can increase it to 7.5GB. 

Moto G71 5G Connectivity 

In the connectivity section, the more g71 5g comes with dual 4g VOLTE support and it also supports wifi calling, 5G with 13 band support, Bluetooth 5.0, and Dual-Band wifi and it also got NFC. 

Moto G71 5G Camera

In-camera Moto G71 5G comes with a triple camera setup which is works as a quad-camera setup, the camera setup is 50MP+8MP+2MP, where the 50MP is a primary and wide sensor with f/1.8, 8MP is ultra-wide and depth sensor with f/2.2, 2MP is Macro sensor with F/2.4. 

in front, we get a punch-hole camera of 16MP with F/2.2, which is also clicks good pictures. the macro sensor is also used for video as well as pictures.

the pictures in the normal lighting are good if I talk about the ultra-wide slightly on the softer side and colors also shift if you compare with the primary sensor, but the pictures of the primary sensor are really good. 

Camera Features - it has dual capture where you can use any rear camera sensor with the front camera. and cinematographic if you want to click pictures only in one color so you can do that too. 

Moto G71 5G comes with Snapdragon 675, 50Mp Camera & More

Moto G71 5G Multimedia

If this Moto G71 5G comes with 90Hz or 120Hz it would be much much better if 120Hz or 90Hz also then also deadly combination, because this is a good AMOLED and bright AMOLED display. 

just because of AMOLED the viewing angles and video consumption would be on the next level, they are also a bottom-firing mono speaker which is loud Dolby Atoms support so the multimedia is good. 

Moto G71 5G Features

I am talking about the production one it has widevine L3 support may in retail they would be the support of L1 because all the G31 and G51 come with L1. it has FM Radio and also IP Certification IP52 

Moto G71 5G Conclusion

So at the price of 19k, two things I really like one is AMOLED display and performance and it's a moto so we get the stock Andriod with optimized experience which is great, highlight display, performance, and looks. 

on the downside, 120Hz refresh rate should be they, expandable storage also. and the camera especially the ultra-wide one. 


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