OnePlus Buds Z2 TWS Earphones, 11mm Drivers & full specification

These are the successor of the OnePlus Buds z with a changed price of Rs 5k, OnePlus Buds Z cost Around Rs 3k. So we see the full specification of this OnePlus Buds Z2.

OnePlus Buds Z2 TWS Earphones, 11mm Drivers & full specification

OnePlus Z2 Box Content

It has a typical red and white combination with lots of documents, A red cable club card, a USB type C charging cable, and 2 pairs of extra ear tips that all we find in the Box.

OnePlus Z2 Design

The case is shiny, there might be more scratches and fingerprint smudges but looks good while they're new. If compared to the buds z, the stem is smaller. Quality and fit are good. it's made of plastic and not metal. 

Weight - These are quite lightweight, The case is 40gms, and the buds are 9gms means each bud is around 4.5gms.

OnePlus Z2 Ports & Buttons 

At the back, it has a type C charging point and a pairing button, you got 100% on both earbuds, and you also get phone calls, media audio, and contact sharing. 

OnePlus Z2 Touch Control 

It also has touch controls, pauses, skips, etc, but the volume controls are missing. and left of all controls is there.

OnePlus Buds Z2 TWS Earphones, 11mm Drivers & full specification

OnePlus Z2 Features 

It comes with 11mm Dynamic Drivers, You get a proper ANC, and it has 3 modes, transparency mode, noise cancellation, and max noise cancellation. I was not expecting them to work this well as they are under Rs 5K because most of the time under this price range.

ANC is just for namesake, but not with these all the noise gets canceled actively, if you use a Oneplus phone you get to use in-ear detection, earbud fittest, and all these features. 

You get to use it if you have a OnePlus phone, but if you don't you can use it by using the HeyMelody app. But the latency mode is available if you can use a OnePlus phone, it has a 94ms low latency mode. 

OnePlus Z2 Connectivity

Coming to connectivity, it has the latest Bluetooth 5.2, with IP55 certification for the buds, and IPX4 for the case.

OnePlus Z2 Battery

Talking about the battery of the OnePlus Z2, it comes with 38h with the case on a single charge, they also come with ANC, so the playtime with ANC is 5h. and 7h without ANC, it also has fast charging, and you get 5h playback time on a 10min charge. 

OnePlus Buds Z2 TWS Earphones, 11mm Drivers & full specification

OnePlus Z2 Audio Quality 

I think they have focused on the loudness more this time, I won't say the bass is tight but it is great. You'll enjoy listening to hip-hop, the highs are a bit sharp and the bass slightly overpowers the mids. 

You might not get that soothing feel with listening so when you listen to hip-hop you will just hear the beats, and not the words, so the buds are overall loud and the bass is thump, so if you like listening to music while outdoors, and like loud music, you'll love these.

OnePlus Z2 Conclusion

So even though they are pretty loud and the mids are overpowered by the base, I like these buds. The ANC and the battery backup are great, they also look good, and also the features you get with the app are helpful.

So if I have to suggest a TWS at this price range of Rs 5k these would surely be in the top 3.

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