Motorola Edge 30 Ultra comes with 200MP Camera & SD 8+ Gen 1

Motorola launched the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra this is a flagship device that comes with Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, a 200MP camera, and everything we expect from a flagship device we will all see in this device. 

Motorola Edge 30 Ultra comes with 200MP Camera & SD 8+ Gen 1

Motorola Edge 30 Ultra Box Contents

Motorola takes good initiative with eco-friendly packaging. The Motorola Edge 30 Ultra comes in eco-friendly packaging. In the box, we see some documentation, some paperwork, a decent transparent case, a sim card tool, a 125w of charging break, and a Type-c to C Cable. 

Motorola Edge 30 Ultra Design

It comes in a nice satin finish but it looks like the old Motorola devices buts still feel premium. I really like the in-hand feeling even though it's an ultra usually brands with ultra are used to the heavy sides but this one won't feel heavy at all. 

Weight - The weight of the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra is 199.6G without a case. But on hand, it won't even feel like its a 199.6G.

Motorola Edge 30 Ultra Display

Talking about the Display it has 6.67 Inches FHD + 144HZ refresh rate and it comes with a POLED display, 1250 nits of Brightness, and a 10 bits display with the protection of corning gorilla glass 5 support.

So the viewing angles brightness and color accuracy of the devices are wonderful and really shuts for the premium flagship device.

Color option - The Motorola Edge 30 Ultra comes in two color options, Interstellar Black & Starlight White.

Motorola Edge 30 Ultra Specification 

The Motorola Edge 30 Ultra comes with Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor which is based on 4nm technology which is a power-efficient processor the Antutu score we get is 9.5 lakhs 

Battery - The Motorola really works with optimizing the battery section, It has a 4610MAH battery with the 7 hours of SOT screen if you use it moderately then it's easily sustained for 1.5 days.

Even we get 125w charging in the box and it also has the 50W wireless charging and 10W reverse wireless charging option as well.

Storage option - Usually we see brands launch multiple Storage options, but Motorola Edge 30 Ultra comes in a single option of 8GB/ 128 Storage. Storage type is UFS 3.1 and LPDDR5 RAM Type. 

Motorola Edge 30 Ultra comes with 200MP Camera & SD 8+ Gen 1

Motorola Edge 30 Ultra Camera

Motorola is generally in camera not in the top but at the specification special in Ultra probably the best because it comes with the 200MP Primary sensor of f/1.95, the second camera of 50MP which is f/2.2 ultra-wide sensor and they have 12MP telephoto sensor of f/1.6. 

The primary sensor 200MP has optical image stabilization and we can even shoot video at a max of 8k 30FPS. So 8K at back and 4K at front. even we get 960 FPS slow motion, dual capture, HDR video, and standard features also there.

It comes with 60MP which is f/2.2. The front camera shoots video at 4k 30 FPS. 

Motorola Edge 30 Ultra OS UI

The Motorola Edge 30 Ultra OS provided the clean Andriod experience like stock Andriod we get Andriod 12 out of the box we won't find so much bloatware which is definitely a good thing and the optimization is very good.

Motorola also said that they going to provide a major update in Motorola Edge 30 Ultra for 3 years and 4 years for security updates.

Motorola Edge 30 Ultra Multimedia

Talking Multimedia displays are bright viewing angles are mindblowing and it has the stereo speaker with Dolby Atoms support the overall experience in multimedia was good and the stereo speaker are also balance not too loud its a balanced combination it also comes with the widevine L1 support. 

Motorola Edge 30 Ultra Connectivity

It supports all the connectivity options it has the Wi-Fi 6E which is the latest, it's a 5G device with 13 bands support, and it also has Dual 4G Volte, Wi-Fi Calling, Bluetooth 5.2, and NFC. it has USB 3.1 so you can be wired display if you want you can connect easily. 

Motorola Edge 30 Ultra comes with 200MP Camera & SD 8+ Gen 1

Motorola Edge 30 Ultra Sensor 

It has all the sensor in-display sensors, face unlocks,  it has the camera to API support. we won't get FM Radio, and we also won't get any notification light and it comes with IP52 which we see in the Motorola budget devices. The Motorola Edge 30 Ultra should come with IP68. 

Motorola Edge 30 Ultra Gaming Performance

The Gaming performance of the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra. You can play games at the max settings without frame drops and the playing experience was smooth. The thermals are well optimized even if you can play for a long duration the devices do not feel that much heat. 


The Motorola Edge 30 Ultra is really a Flagship device that gives you all in a single device. It has a big display of 144HZ with 1200 nits brightness, fast charging, wireless charging, and 10w reverse charging. It has the latest snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor the performance of the device was at the next level. If your budget is allowing you this device then definitely go for it.


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