Dell Xps 13 Plus Full Specification | What are the pros and cons of the Dell XPS 13 Plus?

Dell Launched a new Dell XPS 13 Plus laptop which will deliver a performance in a cool design, but the battery life and function row would be better.

Dell Xps 13 Plus Review & Full Specification | Pros & Cons

Dell XPS 13 Plus comes in some really cool designs, which we look for the first time in Dell Laptops; the Dell XPS 13 Plus is a powerful compact device with some pros and cons.

Dell Xps 13 Plus Pros

Compact Eye-catchy Design

Bright OLED Display

Audio Quality

Performance wise

Dell Xps 13 Plus Cons

Touchpad oversensitivity

No 360° rotation

Unwanted touch on function key

Dell Xps 13 Plus Box Contents 

In Box, we see “Welcome to Dell, let’s do great things together.” The box is big but laptops, devices, etc. There's documentation, oh interesting, there's a 3.5mm jack to USB type-C adapter. 

Alright. Another interesting thing is USB type-C to the type-A adapter or converter. And you have a USB type-C to type-C cable, just like the one for phones. It’s something like that.

Everything looks miniaturized for this laptop. Ultra-portable. It’s the charger. It’s a laptop but a little different. USB Type-C. And, obviously, cable. That’s about it in the box. 

By the way, guys, all the packaging material was recyclable. That’s good. Every brand is doing that, and even DELL is.

Dell Xps 13 Plus Design

I mean, it’s thin, light, small, and ultra-small; even this is made from low-carbon aluminum, and why low-carbon? Because it is environmentally friendly. To reduce the carbon footprint. So, that’s good.

Ports - By the way, 2 USB type-C ports are available on both sides and nothing else. You’ll need to use an adapter for a 3.5mm jack. Probably, the lightest laptop I’ve ever held.

Color Option - There are two color options. This is platinum, but graphite is also available if you don’t like light colors.

Dell Xps 13 Plus Trackpad & Keyboard

when you see the laptop, it looks like Dell forgot the Trackpad. Where is the Trackpad? They don’t even have these physical keys. The function keys are not there. These are soft-touch buttons. It looks so futuristic.

Look at the keyboard, buttons, or display; everything looks like it came from the future. But the Trackpad is present here. For the form factor, you get a very big trackpad.

But this keyboard is beautiful. It might take some time for you to get used to it. Once you are used to it. Everything is flat; nothing is protruding out. So, that’s good. 

It's a backlit keyboard. You can adjust the brightness. These are all capacitive buttons, and you can use them very easily. They’re very responsive on a light touch, too.

DELL calls this the seamless glass touchpad. Like I was talking about it. It’s quite big. There is a fingerprint scanner right here. It isn’t visible, but it’s right there. And it supports Windows Hello, too. It’s IR with a webcam.

Dell Xps 13 Plus Display

Talking about the display, look at the side bezels. They’re even thinner than some smartphones. Very thin bezels. Regarding the display size, this form factor might be 12” because there are no bezels. It is a 13.4” screen, which is quite big for the form factor.

By the way, the display has different variants, like FHD, 4K, & 4K OLED. The one with us is a 4K variant with an IPS display. But an OLED variant is available, But that bezel is very small.

Dell Xps 13 Plus Display, Battery, Weight

Dell Xps 13 Plus Weight

I think it’ll hardly be 1.2 / 1.3 kg. Seems very light, but It’s only 1.25 kg. You can carry it all day and not have any problems. 

Dell Xps 13 Plus Battery

Surprisingly, its weight is less, but the battery is 55W, which is really good. Even the big laptops have 50-51W batteries, which has 55W, which is good.

And battery backup for the FHD display is 13H, DELL claims. Although, you can easily get 10-11H very easily.

If you use 4K, then it’ll be around 6-7H easily. You shouldn’t have any problems. The battery backup is really good. And the tiny charger is a 60W charger.

Dell Xps 13 Plus Specification

Talking about the specifications, we have the i5 12th Gen, which is excellent. There is an i7 variant, too. Iris Xe is the name of the integrated graphics card.

Talking about the RAM, it has 16GB RAM and 512GB storage. There are 8GB RAM and 32GB RAM available, too. There are different variants. This has launched very recently, and it is XPS Plus.

Generally, the XPS laptops are Premium, but this is ultra-premium. If you see the design, it’s completely different; that's why it’s XPS Plus.

Another thing about the display, guys. There's a touch and a non-touch display. We have a touch display. If you want that you can get it.

On the matter of storage, there is 512GB storage, but it is also very fast. In fact, we tested that, guys, and you get 4-6 GBps read-write speed of data transfer.

But one thing, this laptop is for those who want Premium laptops, you know, when you take it out everyone should see, it’s for that.

If you want to do gaming, it’s obviously not for that. This is for working professionals who want a premium high-end laptop.

Regarding that, I’ll say you can compare it to a MacBook. By that, I’ll say it really stands out. When you take this out, people will definitely look at this.

The price is obviously going to Premium, or, I’ll say, Premium+. It’ll start from around Rs. 1.2 Lakh, Rs. 1.3 Lakh, that’s what I’m guessing. We will mention Amazon at the bottom of the post to check.

Dell Xps 13 Plus Multimedia

Talking about multimedia, even though its form factor is small, the audio quality is very good. And that display, with t, hose really thin bezels, you get a very immersive viewing experience. One thing which I think should be present is 360° rotation.

It has a touch-screen, but this would have been very nice if I wanted to use it like a tablet by the 360° rotation. But this is not 360°; you can only rotate it this much maximum.

Dell Xps 13 Plus Review & Full Specification | Pros & Cons

Dell Xps 13 Plus Connectivity

The connectivity has Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2. And yes, I said this before, it has only 2 USB type-C ports, so for attaching a monitor to make it 4K, you can do that, too.

But you must learn to live with that dongle life; there might always be a dongle here. By the way, for video-calling, there is an HD webcam. It also has 2 microphones, one for noise-canceling for better audio.

You get Windows 11 out of the box for the OS, so there are no problems. The stand-out feature of this is the ultra-portability. 

If you want a laptop you need to carry, it should look Premium; for a status symbol of Windows, you should definitely see the DELL XPS Plus; it stands out. Since it is a premium laptop, then the price will also be premium++.


So, who should buy this laptop? If you’re a working professional and want a premium-looking, lightweight, ultra-portable laptop, you should look at this. 

The display is in variety, so whichever you want you can buy. And performance is quite good because it has the 12th Gen Intel core processor.

So, overall, a very premium ultra-portable laptop; that is what DELL XPS Plus is.

How to restart dell laptop?

Restarting a Dell laptop is a simple process that may be achieved in various ways. Here are some more detailed instructions:

  • When you launch Windows, a separate "Start" menu appears in the bottom-left corner of your screen, with the Windows logo on its button.
  • Select the Power Icon: When you select "Start," a new menu with numerous options will appear. Click on the Power icon with a circle with a line across it to open the submenus with more options.
  • From the menu, choose "Restart": When a submenu appears, there will be various options, including Sleep, Shutdown, and Restart - choose Restart to restart your Dell laptop!
  • Wait for your Dell laptop to power off and restart: Choosing "Restart" will start the shutdown process on your Dell laptop, which may take several minutes before completely shutting down and rebooting. Please bear with us!

Alternatively, you can restart your Dell laptop by pressing and holding the power button until the machine completely shuts down. However, this method works if your machine is unresponsive to standard shutdown methods and will not power off properly.

How to fix the shadow on the laptop screen?

Here are a few alternatives to try if you have shadowy regions on your laptop screen:

Adjust the Brightness of Your Screen: Sometimes, the brightness is too low, resulting in shadows on the screen and shadowy areas on the floor. To try boosting it, concurrently press Fn+Brightness Up and increase it till shadows disappear.

Check the Screen Angle: An improper angle can cause shadows to appear; try adjusting it slightly for the best viewing results.

Cleaning Your Screen: Dirt, dust, and fingerprints on a screen can cause shadows; thoroughly wipe down your screen with a clean, dry cloth to eliminate any smudges or imperfections that may appear.

Check your graphics card driver: Outdated graphics card drivers might generate shadows on your screen, so go to the manufacturer's website and download and install the most recent driver for your graphics card.

Check for hardware issues: If none of the above techniques work, your laptop screen may have an underlying hardware problem requiring professional repair services. In such cases, you should obtain repair guidance from an expert technician as soon as possible.

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