HP Pavilion Plus | Best Laptop for Students & Professionals

Are you thinking of buying a laptop for multimedia consumption, or its battery life is very good or its display is of a good resolution and it should be sturdy as well as good looking? Then you can definitely look at HP Pavilion Plus.

It has 3-4 things that stand out. It also has a few things which could be improved. I’m going to tell you all about that. This laptop comes with a 2.2K resolution.

Nowadays, there aren’t any laptops with 2.2K resolution but this one has that. I’ll tell you all about them in this post. This probably might be your ‘Go-To’ laptop.

HP Pavilion Plus | Best Laptop for Students & Professionals

HP Pavilion Plus Design

So, if you look at the HP Pavilion Plus, it looks good. It’s a very HP-ish-looking kind of laptop. Just like all the other HP laptops. But it has a sturdy build, looks good, and is lightweight. Yes, it is quite light. I think it’s lighter than 1.5Kg. but weight is 1356g.

So, it’s very lightweight. You can carry it all day and you should not have any problems at all. One more thing, it’s eco-friendly! All the materials used in the making of this laptop are all recyclable materials.

By the way, all the brands are going in that direction where they are using recyclable & eco-friendly materials. And HP is also doing that. the travel distance between the keys is very good. 

It is a back-lit keyboard with a good distance between the keys. So, if you type on this it is quite tactile. There is a separate fingerprint sensor button. The trackpad here is quite big.

HP Pavilion Plus Display

If I talk about the display then this is a 14” screen with a 2.2K resolution. And the brightness is 300 nits which basically is more than enough for indoors. The color accuracy is also quite decent. And it is UV-certified, so long-time usage won’t affect your eyes. So, you can binge easily.

HP Pavilion Plus Price

Generally, about the price range, it differs in different variants but all of them have a 14” display. It starts from i5 and a good thing is that all of them have 12th-generation processors. So, that’s the latest generation. So, there are i5 and i7. About the price, it starts from around Rs. 75K-80K.

But talking about the display, the resolution is good and the colors look very punchy. If you want the OLED screen then there is a higher variant. I think it is worth Rs. 93K. By the way, the display looks very modern since the side bezels are very thin. 

HP Pavilion Plus Webcam

There’s a 5MP Webcam. Generally, the webcam is VGA but here you’re getting a 5MP camera. So, if you’re in a Zoom meeting, it’ll be nice since you’ll look very clear.

Along with the 5MP camera, you also get 2 microphones, one of which is for noise cancellation. So, your voice is evident.

HP Pavilion Plus | Best Laptop for Students & Professionals

HP Pavilion Plus Specification

The specifications, so like I said before, there’s an i5 12th Gen processor. There’s an i7 processor which is 12th Gen, too. 

Due to the 12th Gen processor, multi-tasking becomes easy. You can work on multiple documents without any problems. the one thing I liked about this is lightweight and generally not very thick as well. 

Storage - If I talk about storage, then there’s 512GB storage. Again, there. In this price range, there are laptops with 1TB SSD, too. if that was there, it would be good but 512 GB is not bad.

And yes, 16GB RAM is available. So, the base variant i5 has 16GB RAM, too. So, i5, 12th Gen, 16GB RAM, and 512GB storage.

Battery - Now, if I talk about the battery, then this one has got a 51Wh battery with a 90W charger brick. The battery life is almost 7-8Hrs.

So, you know, charge it to 100% in the morning then you can use it all day, still, the battery will be left.

HP Pavilion Plus Ports

HP didn’t compromise regarding the ports. On the left-hand side, there’s a type-A USB port, SD card slot, and 3.5mm Jack slot.

On the right-hand side, you get a full HDMI port, one more USB type-A, and there are two USB Type-C ports. In the matter of ports, you get nearly everything. So, that is good.

HP Pavilion Plus Multimedia

If I talk about that one feature of this laptop that stood out to me then it’s the multimedia consumption. Why? Because the display’s resolution is very good. And yes, those speakers are one of the best I’ve ever heard.

It’s by Bang & Olufsen. Their quality and loudness are very good. The aspect ratio of the display is 16:10. Generally, it is 16:9. But this is 16:10. That’s why the screen/canvas is a little big. Hence, I said that it’s very good for multimedia.

HP Pavilion Plus | Best Laptop for Students & Professionals

HP Pavilion Plus OS UI

If I talk about the OS, you get Windows 11, out of the box. There is also a 30 days trial of the McAfee Antivirus.

If you use MS Office very much, like Word, Excel, etc., it’s given on the back. It all comes pre-installed. So, that is very good.

HP Pavilion Plus Connectivity

If I talk about connectivity, there are many connectivity options available. There is Wi-Fi 6E, the latest one, and Bluetooth is the 5.2 version. So, that is also good.

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