Moto G72 Specs & Price in India | Moto G72 Camera Sensor name

This is a Moto g72. It’s the successor of the Moto g71 but it doesn’t look like it is. Because it is a 4G phone. Now, if you’ll say that 5G has launched then why I should buy a 4G phone? I’ll tell you that this is one of the best 4G phones under Rs. 20K.

See, if 5G is not important for you then you can definitely look at this. 5G is in the 3rd, 4th, or 5th position then you should definitely check out the Moto g72.

Moto G72 Specs & Price in India | Moto G72 camera sensor name

Moto G72 Box Content 

You’ll get to know some of the positive things about this phone. Ultra resolution 108MP camera. Okay, we’ll see all the other things. And what else? Some Documentation and SIM card tools.

A 33W charger brick. It has 33W charging. And a USB type-C to the type-A charging cable. The case comes attached to the phone. It doesn’t come separately. And the quality of the case is decent. Good quality. That’s about it in the box. Nothing else.

Color option - This phone has two color variants, i.e. Grey and Blue. I think blue is better.

Moto G72 Design

When you take the phone in your hand for the first time, you’ll notice that it is super light and very thin. In fact, I think it is 7.99mm. 

Alright. So, the back is slightly curved but the sides are flat. It looks a little bit like the Edge series phone. By the way, the interesting thing is that for a 5000mAh, it is very light.

Weight - In fact, it seems like it is less than 180g or around 170g. Let’s do the testing. If it is around 170g, that’ll be crazy. Let’s see. What?!

This is 165.6g! 165.6g, guys. That is definitely one of the lightest phones. Despite having a bigger screen & larger battery, it is so light. So, a big thumbs up there.

Moto G72 Ports & Buttons

If I talk about ports & buttons, everything is present. A noise-canceling microphone, a 3.5mm jack, a USB type-C port, and ‘Dolby Atmos’ is written on the top, i.e. the speakers are Dolby Atmos tuned.

On the left-hand side, a SIM card tray is present which… It is a hybrid SIM card slot; either for 2 SIM cards, or 1 SIM card and 1 SD card.

Alright, there is a Gorilla glass 3 protection. The back is made of plastic. Like I said before, the look is more like the Edge series, very premium-looking.

Moto G72 Price in India

Before moving forward, let me tell you its price is Rs. 18,999 but there is Rs. 1,000 off. So, it’ll be Rs. 17,999.

And Diwali Sale, etc. might have some more offers, so, that'll be closer to Rs 15K-16K. But I’ll say it’s the price is Rs. 17,999.

Moto G72 Display

But the biggest highlight of this phone is its display. A 6.6” pOLED display with 120Hz refresh rate & 1300 nits brightness. Generally, those under Rs. 20K phones, only have brightness till 1000-1100 nits.

But this one has 1300 nits. Very, very bright. And if you see the display at the bottom, the chin is very thin. So, the screen-to-body ratio is really good. Even the bezels are quite small.

Overall, this definitely looks like a modern phone. Another big thing, it has a 10-bit display. So, the color depth & saturation you see, it is going to be nice. And the Touch Sampling Rate is 576Hz, which is quite good if you’re looking for a gaming phone.

Moto G72 Specs & Price in India | Moto G72 camera sensor name

Moto G72 Specification

Why for gaming? Because it comes with a new 4G chipset, i.e. MediaTek Helio G99. It is the latest processor. It is 6nm which makes it power efficient. If you see the AnTuTu score, it is around 3,75,00. 

In a mid-range, i.e. the Rs. 15K-20K price range, this phone is one of the better gaming phones. That is also because of the display of 120Hz and 576Hz TSR. 

Storage option - By the way, there is only one variant of 6GB RAM, 128GB storage, LPDDR4X RAM type, and uMCP storage type. It means it is more than UFS 2.1 and closer to UFS 2.2.

Battery - One more big thing, which I found surprising is the 5000mAh battery, despite the width being so thin. 

Due to the 6nm processor, the battery will last up to 1 or 1 ½ days. Even on moderately heavy usage. There’s 33W fast charging, too.

Moto G72 OS

Let’s talk about the OS. Motorola phones give you a near-stock experience In fact, the Vanilla Android experience is given by Motorola phones but you get customizations like My UX, Chop down twice to start the flashlight, or start the camera by twisting your wrist twice, etc.

We have generally seen with Motorola phones, the OS is very optimized since there is hardly any bloatware. So, no problem with the OS.

If I talk about the updates, you’ll get a major update for 1 year. You’ll get Android 13, although you already get Android 12. You’ll also get security updates for 3 years.

Moto G72 Sensors

Another thing I like about this phone is that there are all the sensors but all of the ‘g’ series have a physical fingerprint sensor, either side-mounted or at the back. This one has an in-display sensor. There’s face-unlock, too. Everything works quite well.

Another thing about the OS, you get 1.5GB virtual RAM. And for security, there is ThinkShield, which generally is in pricey phones. You’ll get that security layer in this phone, too.

Moto G72 Connectivity

Alright, now for connectivity, it has Dual 4G VoLTE, Wi-Fi Calling, Dual Band Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 5.1. There is MIMO which supports Carrier Aggregation, too.

Moto G72 Camera

Alright, now we talk about the camera. Here, I like another thing. Slowly, Motorola is working on their smartphones. Motorola phones are not known for their cameras.

I like the results of the 108MP latest HM6 Samsung sensor. In fact, under Rs. 20K, this is one of the better camera smartphones.

There’s an 8MP Ultrawide sensor and a 2MP Macro one, too, On the front, there is a 16MP Selfie sensor. Surprisingly, I liked the selfie camera. Overall, this is a good camera smartphone under Rs. 20K. That also I’ll say.

Moto G72 Specs & Price in India | Moto G72 camera sensor name

Moto G72 Multimedia 

Finally, we’ll talk about multimedia. The video viewing experience is absolutely top-notch. The Angles are very good. Stereo speakers are present and they’re tuned by Dolby Atmos.

So, overall, the multimedia viewing experience is good. Only one thing, when we viewed Netflix and Prime, there is no HDR support right now. Motorola Says, that HDR will be available through an update.


So if I sum up this phone, since this is not a 5G phone so if you’re looking for 5G then this is out of the question. This is a 4G phone. With all the other specifications & features then I’ll say this is one of the better 4G phones.

Also, we played actual games that you can play on Medium-High settings. 40 fps will be the consistent frame rate.

So, gaming is decent.

And other features like no notification light supports FM Radio, SAR value is within limits, it’s IP52 water-repellent design so light water showers won’t cause a problem.

If I talk about the feature of the camera app, it’s similar to the Moto Edge series, i.e. Fusion & Ultra.

But in videography, 4K recording is not there. 4K would be good, although, 1080p at 60 fps is available.

Finally, how is the Moto g72? Like I said before, if you ignore the 5G, then it is one of the best 4G phones in that price range. And remember 4G will not close, it’ll be in use for the next 5-6 years. So, it won’t be that the arrival of 5G will close the usage of 4G. So, don’t worry about that.


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