Redmi Pad 90Hz Buttery Smooth Display | Best Pad Under 20k

In 2022, the demand for tablets has gone up. And when demand goes up then the supply does, too. So many tablets have been launched and there is a new addition. Redmi Pad of budget series.Starts from Rs. 15K, i.e. Rs. 14,999.

But there are three variants so it’ll start from around Rs. 15K and go all the way up to Rs. 20K. So, we’ll see according to that. There are many things about the Redmi Pad which are really good.

Redmi Pad 90Hz Buttery Smooth Display | Best Pad Under 20k

Redmi Pad Box Contents

The first good thing. 90Hz buttery smooth display. Alright. The charger is 22.5W but the tablet only supports 18W. USB type-A to the type-C charging cable. Documentation and. A SIM card tool. Why is there a SIM card tool?

Because there is only a Wi-Fi variant only, no 4G variant. it supports SD cards so to remove that you need this tool. That’s all in the box.

Redmi Pad Design

It has the MediaTek Helio G99 processor. Now, Helio G99 is a brand new 6nm processor which is power efficient. So, that is good. Look at the tab, oh, it looks nice. It looks very close to the POCO design.

POCO F4 is very similar to the Redmi Pad with camera placement and all. it's an 8MP camera on the front and back. But it feels very nice in hand. One hand? Yes, you can hold it in one hand but not for too long. Because it is quite broad.

Redmi Pad Build Quality

Its build quality is good. Nothing will happen if it drops from 2-3 feet. But from the side, it will definitely have a problem. So, remember that. The back is of plastic. 

Color option - It comes in two color variants Graphite Gray and Moonlight Silver.

Redmi Pad Ports & Buttons

The sides are flat. And there are QUAD grills, 2 on the bottom and 2 at the top. Dolby Atmos, wow. They’re tuned by Dolby Atmos. That’s also nice.

On the right-hand side, you get a SIM card tray. it’s only an SD card slot. If you want to expand the storage, you can do that.

But be careful if you have long fingernails, they might break by the time you remove the SD card slot. That’s for sure. I see 2 microphones here. This is one and that’s another. There aren’t anymore.

Redmi Pad Display

The display is big, guys. It’s a 10.6” FHD+ display with a 90Hz fast refresh rate. So, that is a big thumbs up. 

Redmi claims that it is a 2K display. We tested it in FHD++. And that’s why it doesn’t seem pixelated. Overall, I’ll give full marks to the display. Another good thing about the display is that it's a 10-bit panel, so the color depth is good, too.

Overall, the colors look really good, so you shouldn’t have any problems. And the brightness is 400 nits which are quite bright, especially indoors.

Redmi Pad Performance

The biggest thing is its performance due to the G99 processor. This can be looked at as a budget gaming device.  Why? Because if you look at the AnTuTu score it’s near 3.45 Lakh. 

Battery - Talking about the battery, it’s 8000mAh and it supports 18W charging but the brick is a 22.5W charger.

Redmi Pad Processor, Battery & Storage

Redmi Pad Storage option

It has three different variants. The base variant has 3GB RAM and 64GB storage. This means you’ll have to be satisfied with 3GB RAM for Rs. 15K. you might get 4GB RAM and 64GB storage at 18k. And around Rs. 20K, you will get 6GB RAM with 128GB storage.

By the way, LPDDR4X is the RAM type and UFS 2.2 is the storage type. It’s also decent.

Redmi Pad OS

Talking about the OS, MIUI for the tab is available. That’s why you’ll find the navigation bar or the dock at the bottom of the screen.

You’ll get major OS updates for 2 years. It is Android 12, so you’ll get 13 & 14 and security updates for 3 years. As I said before, it has a Wi-Fi variant and no LTE variant.

Redmi Pad Game Test

So, for gaming, here is ‘Call of Duty, etc. We played these games. You can play these games on medium settings very well. And the 90Hz makes a difference. It’s a buttery-smooth gaming experience. Remember, it is under Rs. 20K, i.e. for Rs. 15K tablet, you enjoy gaming. 

Redmi Pad Multimedia

Talking about multimedia, the QUAD speakers are Dolby Atmos tuned. They’re very good. You’ll really enjoy the multimedia. Even the colors look really good since it is a 10-bit panel display.

If you watch Netflix, guys, it has Widevine L1 certification then you can do proper HD streaming. But there is no HDR. Yes, it doesn’t have HDR support. 

Sensors - There isn’t any fingerprint sensor but there is a face unlock. So, you can use it as security. Although, it is a convenience feature and not a security feature. Remember that.

Redmi Pad Connectivity

Dual-band Wi-Fi with Bluetooth 5.1 support Generally, tablets are not IP certified but this is IP52 certified which I’ll say is water-repellent, not water-proof.

Redmi Pad color options

Redmi Pad Camera

Talking about the camera, both the front and back cameras are 8MP. One good thing is there is an 8MP camera on the longer side in front.

So, when you’re on a Zoom call, you can keep it horizontal and view it. By the way, its FOV is good, too. The Field Of View is 105°. So, this is a really good tablet for your online video meetings. That’s for sure.

Redmi Pad Stylus Support

Interestingly, it supports third-party pens/styli, too. So, that is good. So, there are many good things but the best thing is that they’ve bought it at very decent pricing.

Generally, in the Rs. 15K-17K price range, you get Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 processor in tablets. The G99 is definitely better than that processor and even power-efficient.

In regards to that, I’ll say, a thumbs up for performance, a big thumbs up for display, and multimedia is also very good. So, overall, for the use cases of a tablet, this Redmi Pad is really good, in my opinion. But remember, I’m assuming that it’ll start from a price range of Rs. 15K. It’s good for that price range.


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