It Safe to Play Games on your Phone? | Does Playing Games Damage the Touchscreen?

Is it Safe to Play Games on your Phone?

Yes, Playing games on Mobile phones are safe to play but it is important to download and play games with a genuine store like google and the ISO store.

It is safe to download from the genuine store Apps and games. if you play games that are downloaded from any other browser or any mods games which resulted in privacy treated. 

So use genuine sources to download games, Don’t go for any mods and hacks which are made to take your data from your devices.

Is it Safe to Play Games on your Phone?

Playing Games Damage your Phone?

Not, Playing games can use more GPU and Battery of your phone which leads to charging your devices again and again and making your devices warm or heated while playing games. Or during any performance Cent trick work.  

Even playing games can be the use of your phone's actual performance which shows your device's capabilities. To which extent is your device going to be sustained while playing games and doing any performance work?

You can also observe some times while playing games your device gets stuck while charging the phone. Also, you observe after charging your devices your phone starts heating. All are common while you play games on your devices. 

If you don't play games on your devices and you use certain apps like youtube, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc, and you are still facing heating issues with your devices then you can check all the apps running in the background of your devices. 

So playing games for half an hour to 45 min won’t affect your devices or won't damage your phone.

Does Playing Games Damage the Touchscreen?

Yes! Playing Games can Damage your touchscreen, but only if you play games for more than 8 to 12 hours a day. It damages your Touchscreen it also affects your device's performance and battery life as well.

Playing games leads to the use of performance and battery life of your devices. Which leads to the fast discharge of your device battery. If you charge your devices you observe after a few months your device starts heating while Charging the devices.

It also affects your AMOLED screen and reduces the lifespan of your Smartphone screen as you charge your devices which also heats the AMOLED screen as well.

Does Playing PUBG Damage a Phone screen?

Playing PUBG doesn’t damage your device or screen. But Playing games like PUBG may heat your phone as it is GPU intensive and requires more power than usual. It may lead to draining the battery fast while playing the PUBG game.

PUBG, Call of Duty, and other games which are GPU intensive will consume more power than usual. This won’t affect your screen but if you play games like PUBG for 7 to 8 hours or more for a day it may be going to affect the screen in the future or after certain months.

It also affects your device's battery life as PUBG uses more power than usual. While playing a game your battery gets exhausted after 4 to 5 games you going to start charging frequently which starts heating and battery draining in your phone.

Does Gaming make your Phone Slower?

Yes, Playing Multiple Games can slow your phone. RAM going to handle and cleared too much cache which slows down your device. If you play any online games and your device is slowing down it may be because of a poor internet connection.

If you play games for hours a day may also slow down your device as games use more power than usual or play games by plugin charging. As most people use a budget smartphone and play games for hours and charge devices frequently and charge while playing games as mobile already using its top performance in the game.

If you are also one of those who play games on a budget smartphone for hours then you need to change your device to a gaming smartphone. Usually, Gaming Smartphones are a bit more costly than budget ones. 

If you play games for a max of 1 hour then I would suggest you can use your budget smartphone, If you play more than 2 hours a day then you take a look at all the gaming smartphones on Amazon.

Does Playing PUBG Damage a Phone screen?

What happens if you Play on your Phone too much?

It depends upon the game you play as well as the device on which you play. If you play games like call of duty & Pubg games which are graphic intensive. The phone starts heating and the battery will drain fast as the game takes a lot of power. As GPU uses the performance to give a good frame rate in the game.

If you play low graphic-intensive games on your phone for a minimum of 2 to 3 hours and give proper time to cool down your phone thermals so it provides a better experience while gaming. It will not affect your device, not at all.

Now coming to if you play too much you start addicted to playing games which would affect your personal life and body as well. Playing games for an hour would be good for you and your device.

How many Hours on the Phone is Addiction?

More than 2 hours a day consider addiction to phones. A normal person uses 4 hours to 5 hours a day. Coming to addiction more the 6 to 7 hours a day consider an addiction.

If you play games for half hour it won't consider an addiction to playing games, But if you play games for hours and hours and wait to full your charge to play games again and again so it's an addiction to games.

If you play a game for half an hour and spend another 4 to 5 hours on social media or watching any movie it also comes under the addiction to a phone. But if you play games 5 to 6 hours a day it’s an addiction to gaming.

How many Hours on the Phone is Addiction?

7 Hours on the Phone too much?

Yes, it is too much. If you asking this question means you already using your phone for more or less 7 hours a day which is too much.

If you want to reduce the use of your phone we would like to suggest you slowly decrease the time from 7 to 6 and then from 6 to 5. You need to use a phone normally for 3 to 4 hours a day.

If your work is totally on phone then from time to time you need to give rest your eyes or if you play any mobile esports which need to be more practice on the phone then also you need to give rest to your eyes every hour. 

If you play games for 7 hours you need to have a gaming smartphone which would help to improve your gaming experience in the game.

Gaming Phone Lifespan

The Lifespan for a Gaming phone was 2 years to 2.5 years max. Same as a budget smartphone. But usually, gamer use to change the devices in the period of 1 year to 1.5max. 

If you also planning to buy a gaming smartphone to improve your gaming or to get a better experience in gaming without any lag or frame drop then do check the below amazon link to know the starting price of gaming smartphones.

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